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By: Anonymous: catgirl () on Monday, June 28 2010 @ 11:45 PM EDT  
Anonymous: catgirl

A photo of Kat from this evening - from the base of the Mazzios tower looking straight up - oh my neck!!! Click on image to download

By: DoxieMom19 (offline) on Friday, July 02 2010 @ 10:13 AM EDT  

Hi Cat!! wave Thank you so much for sharing these delightful photos of Kat and her family, and the ongoing saga of the 2 towers!! Kat is such a beautiful Red Tailed Fledgling with such darling bloomers!! Love the shot of her you capturing looking straight up the tower!

Thank you for your love and devotion to this family ~ it clearly shows in your photos and in your stories as you drive up and down Peoria in pursuit of your next photo op!

(And yes, I confess to following the Lady of Loch Lowes saga! Very riveting and amazing story, and such a rich history!)

Phooey, I missed their moment of stardom on KJRH! I haven't been able to see the HawkCam since they made their changeover Sad

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By: Anonymous: sallyls () on Wednesday, July 07 2010 @ 11:47 AM EDT  
Anonymous: sallyls

Awesome Cat!!! Keep them coming! I am so happy you can still see them and share them with us!

By: Anonymous: catgirl () on Monday, July 12 2010 @ 09:57 PM EDT  
Anonymous: catgirl

I continue to look for Kay, Jay and Kat almost everyday - since we live in close proximity. I have also been checking on some of their neighboring redtail nest sites. Immediately to their east, the 36th&Lewis RTs have two juvies again this year - which continues to amaze me as from what I can see of their nest, it looks so small and the only glimpse close up of it I would always only see the adult's tail jutting off in space as they sat on the eggs. Click on image to download
The next territory to their east, the RanchAcres RTs, also have at least one juvie that I have been able to briefly spot/hear. One of the adults, I think the female, strongly resembles our Jay. Here's a couple of photos from a week ago -
Click on image to download Click on image to download

By: Anonymous: catgirl () on Monday, July 12 2010 @ 10:22 PM EDT  
Anonymous: catgirl

and a couple more of both of the adults, after a rainy night and morning a few days ago .... Click on image to download Click on image to download

To Kay and Jay's south are the 51st&Peoria RT pair - who nest a few blocks from me. They have one juvie again this year that I occasionally spot or hear but have not been able to get close enough to for a photo. Today as I was pulling weeds, one of the parents and juvie occasionally circled by - I ran and got my camera but with the clouds and distance I doubt I got any recognizable photos! I was just thrilled to see them as a family of Cooper's has been hunting close by for the past several weeks and the redtails had been staying to my north. one of the cooper adults - Click on image to download

The next territory over to the east is the Langenheim pair. I have made several trips recently to the area - I have seen the adults numerous times but no sounds or spotting of any juvies in the area. The past two years by this time I would frequently see the juvies in the park or along the creek and never the parents. The area is undergoing heavy construction as they widen I-44. Though their nest is almost 1/2 mile from the construction area, their fledging/hunting grounds are impacted.

To the south and west of Kay and Jay were the Billboard RTs. A year ago May their nesting area was destroyed while they were using it and the juvie(s) did not survive. I reported it to wildlife officials, work on the area was temporarily halted for 5-6 weeks and I never saw the adults again. A few days ago, I could hear a juvie calling 1/2 mile south of that area - so I am hoping they relocated to the forest to the south. Their original nesting area is still being worked on - all the I-44 construction material (or more accurately, destruction material) has been placed on that acreage, building it up 20-30-40 feet higher than it used to be, causing flooding problems in the street next to it and devoid of any wildlife habitat that it used to support. (and as I hop up on my soapbox!!!) No telling what the environmental impact has/will be. The acreage drains into a creek which immediately drains into the Arkansas River. Their are several eagle nests in the area - one within a few ablocks, others a few miles downstream. I wonder who did the environmental impact study before the Oklahoma Department of Transportation decided to denude and poison an area that is part of a precarious eco-system.

By: Anonymous: catgirl () on Monday, July 12 2010 @ 10:31 PM EDT  
Anonymous: catgirl

And now on to Kay, Jay and Kat.
A couple of photos of Kat from June 26th. First thing that morning I saw her on an antenna at the KJRH tower, then an hour later at Mazzios before flying off to the west.
Click on image to download Click on image to download

A photo of Jay on the goldenrod of the KJRH tower on July 1st. Click on image to download

By: Anonymous: catgirl () on Monday, July 12 2010 @ 10:40 PM EDT  
Anonymous: catgirl

And one of Kat also from July 1st. As Jay sat on the goldenrod, Kat announced her presence to him from the old nesting level. Click on image to download
On July 2nd, I saw Jay sitting next to the hawk cam and Kat on one of the KJRH antennas. On July 3rd, Kat was again sitting on one of the antennas. Click on image to download

July 4th - Jay at the top of Mazzios tower and on the KJRH goldenrod.
July 5th - Kat on the goldenrod Click on image to download

By: Anonymous: catgirl () on Monday, July 12 2010 @ 10:45 PM EDT  
Anonymous: catgirl

July 7th - Kay at the top of Mazzios while Kat and Jay at KJRH. Click on image to download Click on image to download

And then no sign of any of them for several days. Yesterday, July 11th, as I was checking out the west bank area of the Arkansas River to see if could spot any of the eagles that nest in the area, I could hear a juvie redtail yelling. Click on image to download


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