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By: PeaceInNature (offline) on Sunday, February 12 2012 @ 11:48 AM EST  

Donna: that is so weird when thunder and lightning accompany the snow. I just don't remember that happening when I was a child although it happened once in '77 my senior year spring in high school.

Can't seem to bring up White Rock today...screen remains black and them times out.

Phoebe is flitting in and out like the busy mom. Even sitting on the nest with her wings at rest, her tail continues to vibrate up and down so fast...I love watching the leaves budding on the rose branch just above the green growth is so comforting. I can just barely see the wee babe's head moving down under. Nest looks like it is made of spider webs, lichen, and maybe a little birch bark...what do you think? I was so enchanted the first time I found out hummers used spider webs in their nest building...seems like a woodland fairy like thing to do.

Had a beautiful little snow last night with lots of wind...but it politely did not collect on the streets. Still very cold though. Last night had a real fire in the fireplace for almost the first time this winter...just hasn't been cold enough...the boys were so disappointed over Christmas at not having any fires for the holidays.


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By: Grubby (offline) on Sunday, February 12 2012 @ 02:24 PM EST  

Good Sunday Afternoon!
Just a quick ... fly by....

Yesterday... Saturday, Dennis only works 8 hrs so he was home by 1:30 so we were out the door pretty much after he got home. Then today we always do our weekly Sunday shopping to make sure he has lots of fresh fruit for his lunches. Each week we buy... apples, strawberies, blackberries raspberries, pineapple, bananas, grapes... most of these we get all year too. He goes with me every Sunday morning too. He's a good hubby. We compare prices and info on the products. Between the 2 of us we go through about 4 lbs of strawberries, 2 lbs of blackberries, and raspberries, 4-5 lbs of bananas. Then is the summer we go through 1-2 watermelons a week!!!

Looks like the nests are really getting busy. I know I have said this a dozen times but... those hummers just amaze me!

We got 4 inches of snow Friday night into Sat. Today it is blue sunny skies but.... COLD! It was 15 when I got up today.

I just wanted to stop by to say HELLO...:hello:

the bear cams have had some slight problems too ....

Everyone have a great Sunday... what is left of it.

I still have the habit of wanting to go to my files to find a photo to post...

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By: LabBuddy (offline) on Sunday, February 12 2012 @ 02:42 PM EST  

Good Afternoon - :hello:

Look what I found yesterday...........Oh My

Click on image to download

I was in the back of the yard and decided to check one of the wood duck boxes to make sure it was clean and still had pine needles in the bottom. I opened the side, looked down into the box, and there was a little screech owl sitting on eggs. Her eyes were closed and she didn't move. You can see part of an egg by the side of her face. It's hard to even find her face she is so camouflaged by her feathers. I quick closed the door, ran back and got my hubby. He took a look and picture and we left. What a surprise!Grin

It's cold down here too - in the 40s last night. Thanks for the good news on Phoebe - she's a busy lady. Have a good day all................Cherie


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By: golden1 (offline) on Sunday, February 12 2012 @ 02:53 PM EST  

Cherie What a wonderful surprise. That pic leads to so many questions but the only one I will ask is: I wonder how many eggs there are?

Diane it is good to hear from you. We eat lots of fruit too. We actually have watermelon every week year round if the supply lasts in the store. Today I bought strawberries, apples, and bananas. We have some blueberries.


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By: Anonymous: sunbum12 () on Sunday, February 12 2012 @ 07:00 PM EST  
Anonymous: sunbum12

wave Happy Sunday, y'all!

I took a day off from the computer yesterday! After my night out Friday night, I decided to just take it easy yesterday. Talked to Mike, my mom, and one of my daughters, and read, so it was a nice relaxing day.Grin It was also VERY breezy! Then, last night, it got very cold - in the 20's!!!Oh My

Today, I went to church and then to Longhorn's for lunch. Then, worked on my music all afternoon. The pieces we are learing in different languages also have the English words underneath the other words, which makes them really hard to read when singing - especially when I try to write in how they are pronounced phoenetically above them! So, last week, I re-typed all the lyrics to those songs phoenetically, and today, I cut them all out and taped them over the other words, including the English words. So now, all I see is the phoenetic spelling of the words - much easier to see and to sing!Left thumb up Still cold here today and tonight. Will see what tomorrow brings!Titter

Bev, I was so glad to see that egg #2 hatched at Phoebe's on facebook! I even saw the names - Sansa and Arya - from a book or movie or something. Sure hope all goes well and all intruders stay far away!Nodding yes

Jean, how did game day go yesterday? That is sweet of Carrolanne to want to host hand and foot for y'all! But, I'm sure it's a lot of work for her too. So nice of y'all to bring food and help her out. That way, she can still host and it will make her happy. Sure hope she can get on a transplant list soon!Red Heart

Donna, so glad you enjoyed the conference yesterday, and how nice to see old friends! Sounds like you had fun at the game as well. I know you will be glad when the BR is 100% done and usable, and all the dust, bits, and pieces are cleaned up for the last time.Grin

Diane, great to see you! WOW! Y'all sure do go through a lot of fruit! I haven't been buying much lately since it's mostly just me here. I don't eat it that fast and hate having to throw it away! Glad Dennis goes shopping with you!Wub

Sara, I'm surprised Mike didn't mention the snow flurries when I talked to him yesterday. I will do some thinking on things to see in Savannah and send you an email. I know you are looking forward to your Mardi Gras trip to Biloxi!Titter

Velma, great to see you here too! Sounds like you have been getting lots done! Hope you can find a small filing cabinet or computer desk to your liking to hold your hanging files. Banker boxes are not very convenient to file in when you have to keep going back into them - only for storing files, huh?

Cherie, what a lovely surprise! You're right, it was a little hard to see the owl's face! She has great camoflage coloring. I"m with Diane - wonder how many eggs she has underneath her?

Cecilia, glad you are enjoying watching the nests. I especially enjoy watching Phoebe too. I just love that little hummer!Red Heart

Guess I'd better get off here and find me some supper. I think I have just enough of my chicken tortilla soup left for me! Have a pleasant night, friends! hug

By: IrishEyes (offline) on Sunday, February 12 2012 @ 08:38 PM EST  

Hi Friends.. Thank you all for your emails .. i am fine just was really busy .. we had a heavy rain storm last night and freezing rain.. woke up to freezing temperature and everything covered in ice.... Glad you liked the story of Gus...

Barb..It was wonderful to see another predawn hatch at the Phoebe nest.. love their names also.Mr Pungh called them after the characters in books " Song of Ice and Fire".. i am not familiar with these books are you ?When you have should join us on the Phoebe thread or maybe you could post some pictures here at the Hollow like the good old days...Mom feeding the babies .. Sansa is the one in the top pictures and Arya is on the bottom
Click on image to download
Jean..THank you my friend...will keep your friend in my prayers... you are busy at the Lake of the Ozarks Nest..How is Don?

Diane...We all love fruit here as well.. love to read that you and Dennis had a nice day.

Cherie.. WOW! What an incredible surprise.. please keep us posted..

Velma.Just like old times seeing you on line..don't over do it.. how are you feeling ?

Sara.. Enjoy your trip..

Donna. You are welcome..

Cecilia..It is fun to watch the nests huh!

Have a good night all..see you all later.

Hugs Bev...

...Helpful Hints ..Be respectful ..Bev.


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By: golden1 (offline) on Sunday, February 12 2012 @ 09:27 PM EST  

Good Night all

I will be watching Downton Abbey. I got alot done today and am looking forward to this week.

Mom St Vrain was on the nest from 1 to 5:30 today. I saw the eggs at Richmond nest several times. Captain Courageous the littlest let at Seqouyah is staying right in there to get food. It is adorable and very vocal. It keeps getting squeezed in the middle of the other two. Today CC ate really well and it is just too cute to watch it stay in there. They sleep in a pile and CC is often at the bottom. I think I have a favorite there.

Take care and I don't leave tomorrow until 12:30. Nice to get supper started and things cleaned up. The grouting will be done on the walls in the BR and then it will be finished. The last part is the floor in the entry way but it should be faster as the tile is bigger squares.

Good night

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By: Tweet Dreams (offline) on Monday, February 13 2012 @ 07:38 AM EST  
Tweet Dreams

Monday, February 13, 2012

Good Morning Friends!:hello:

Bev, glad you are alright.... just busy at the nests like I am at the Ozarks! Yesterday was such a frustrating day with problems with WildEarth. At least I somehow got locked into the cam when they went down so I was able to keep watch on the nest.
Was the family all able to come for Kyle's birthday celebration?? Sorry to hear you are having a winter mix there. It's cold here with temps going down well below freezing. There's a chance of us getting some freezing rain tomorrow morning! Thanks for asking.... Don is doing alright. I'm sure he's frustrated at times, but this is all going to take time before he is back to his old self again.

Cherie how exciting was that to find the owl in your box.... complete with eggs too! You will have to keep us updated on that!

Barbara glad you had some "Me" time yesterday. I so long for some of that too! This is another busy week! I did make up a small batch of pasties yesterday. Have to make up another batch sometime this week. The dough is ready, but I need to cook the ground turkey and cut up more veggies. Maybe Wednesday!??

Donna glad you are almost to the end of your bathroom renovations! Sounds like your nests are keeping you busy as well.

Velma it is so good to have you back here again! Still waiting on some pictures of those little girls! And Rusty and your cat. ( Can't remember his/her name!) Just call it a senior moment! giggle

Diane we too eat lots of veggies and fruits. We go several times a week for more. That's why I am always saying we have errands to run. How much longer before Dennis is able to retire?? If I remember right it was less than a year!??Puzzled Are you expecting more snow today or tomorrow?? The Ozarks have it coming down now. At first they were supposed to get sleet, but now it's snow, so that's a lot better for Elsie incubating the eggs. Total expected is 2"!

Hi to Sara, Cecilia and all. Gotta run as I have a 30 minute drive to Carrolanne's and I still need to shower, dress, do a little nest reporting and then out the door at about 8:50am! Have a great day everyone!!

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