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By: JudyB (offline) on Saturday, December 19 2009 @ 02:41 AM EST (Read 6940 times)  

We will set up something more formal once we've finished transitioning the active threads from the old forum to this new forum, but basically, the deal is that we are a family-friendly, educational forum.

We do not allow:

  • obscenity, pornography, or anything of that nature
  • discussions of religion or politics
  • personal attacks, flaming, etc

We encourage people to be aware of things that impact those who would like to visit our site:

  • having more than 4-6 pictures in a post may make the thread hard for those with slower connections to read
  • rapidly moving animations and blinking graphics may lead to migraines or cause seizures in some individuals
  • Moving Avatars are not allowed - for several of the above reasons - also they use up more bandwidth that we can spare.
  • (more to come)

We don't have the resources to check every post - but using other people's work without giving credit is really bad karma - not to mention illegal in some cases, if the work in question is copyrighted. This is non-negotiable - please - just don't do it.

If you'd like more specific information - the basic rules of the old forum are still in effect - http://discuss.hancockwildlifechannel.o ... 358#p25358.

We are, however, trying to use a community-based enforcement model for much of the forum - so if no one complains, we aren't planning to count the number of pictures in a post or check for bling-ees. There is an exception - we want the primary threads for our cams accessible to everyone, so we will be enforcing the rules quite strictly there. Any words stronger than "drat" or "heck" are likely to be deleted, as are any flashing graphics or rapidly moving animations that could cause seizures. We want to make sure that everyone can read about the eagles and see the s'caps and videos and hot spots - that is, after all, what we're all about!

Thanks for your help - and if you have comments or suggestions, please let us know.


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By: jaj910 (offline) on Monday, October 21 2013 @ 03:18 PM EDT  


I have a suggestion regarding the social streams and chats of these sites... especially on the social streams. When a poster comes on, and posts a "hello, good morning, etc.", it would be nice if the moderators would also respond with a greeting to that poster. I notice that a lot of individual posters are greeted with a greeting, and others who come on, and say hello... get nothing. I know it may sound like a small thing or may sound petty, but it only makes a person feel excluded and ignored, especially when that poster has always been respectful and doesn't understand why is being ignored. Maybe, just a general... "Hello to everyone" or "Hello to all those just joining us" would be better, as it includes all the posters.. instead of picking and choosing who to talk to. Also, when a question is asked.. please answer in a timely manner. Certain people get an answer to their questions right away, while someone else has to ask two or three times before getting an answer. Or... saying, did you see my question? I know people who are not mods don't need to be responsive to others. Moderators, however, are supposed to be professional and be nice to everyone! Unless, of course, a person was abusive, or broke a rule. If only a greeting and an answer to a question. I think that's a reasonable rule of etiquette . Some sites are better than others, but... really! Moderators basically do a great job, and I appreciate it. Just... be equally nice and responsive to all the posters that comment. And... say "Hello" to everyone. Let's not turn these wonderful sites in a clique. Maybe, pass this suggestion along.


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