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 Doug Carrick Statement re Hornby Isl. Eagle Cam
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By: davidh (offline) on Wednesday, August 03 2011 @ 12:00 PM EDT (Read 3942 times)  

FROM DOUG CARRICK on Wed, 03 Aug 2011 08:01a.m.

Hi David, I think most of the Hornby people do know about many details of the split, therefore I wanted to focus on what they don't know - about my request that I should have have some say on how the jointly earned funds should be distributed (which was banned). If you do post this blurb, it should be done as a one-time notice done only to enable Doug, a long-time eagle person, to be heard (he has been censored from his own eagle web-site) - but no further comments pro or con will be posted here. Further comments should be done back on the Hornby Eagle forums. This is because the nastiness of comments can badly damage the atmosphere of Chats or Forums. You certainly don't want that on your sites. Because of this you may chose not to post my additional information. I can certainly understand that. Doug Carrick

Received from Doug Carrick on Tue, 02 Aug 2011 2:24 p.m.:

Because of irreconcilable differences between myself and the Hornby Eagle Group, over the feeding of eagles, I felt forced to remove myself from this atmosphere, and announced that the cameras would be shut down after the eaglets fledged. I was totally banned from the Chat and the Forum I could no longer defend myself while, HEG continued to attack me. I would like to present a little more information, that was censored by HEG. Thankyou Hancock Wildlife Foundation for giving me this opportunity to be heard

I phoned an HEG person about our split up. I certainly couldn't have done the livestreaming without them and they couldn't have done it without me .. I suggested it is like the breakup of a marriage - a 50/50 split And that the funds in our account should be split in some equitable fashion. I made it clear that I don't want any money personally but that I should have some say in how such funds are dispersed - some to the Suzuki Foundation (David's namesake) and some to Alexandra Morton (Alexandra's namesake). Immediately I was told all the money belongs to HEG and they had no plans to disperse any of it. And I was further told that nothing could go to Alexandra Morton anyway. "We had a donation from someone who worked on a fish farm and if Morton was successful, the farms would be removed, and the donner would lose her job".

A reasonable reply would have been "I will present this to all members of HEG for discussion and a vote". The interesting thing here, is that one or two members of a "clique" can make instant decisions - in no way democratic. The same with her verdict on a donation to Alexandra Morton. Many people may think that would be a most appropriate donation - but were not even asked. In conclusion, HEG is not a democratic organization. It has exercised extreme censorship and above all, shows the meanest attitude to "fairplay" - in totally ignoring my wishes - despite my long association with these eagles. Doug Carrick

link to the Hornby Eagles forum at Our Nature Zone

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