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By: JudyB (offline) on Sunday, May 22 2011 @ 06:44 PM EDT  

May 14, 2011
30 days old - 28 days old - 25 days old

May 14 s'cap by beans - #1/Flyer on the left; the toe that looks as if it's pointing to the left has the fishing line or whatever wrapped around it; the line seems to be caught in the sticks at that side of the nest

#1/Flyer caught on something again around 10:13 am, managed to free herself

Noted that there didn't seem to be any aggression in the morning, though only a very small feeding was reported

noted around noon that #1 appeared to be limping and/or only taking small steps, and noted at 2:30 pm that #1 is not moving much and didn't come for food - link to anna-holland's videos

concern for #1 took priority over posting details of feedings, but it appears that an adult took food to # when she was unable to come to the adult; not sure how much the others were fed

video by lovethebabies - Flyer is really stuck (43 seconds)

Noted that #1/Flyer's right foot/leg was definitely caught - link

#2 and #3 fed; #1 pulling hard but not able to get free to join the feeding

video by beans - Sidney Eaglet Frantically Tries to Free Her Foot

#1 gets most of the food at the evening meal

noted that the weather is relatively warm so she will be OK by herself at night

rain in the evening; Mom puts straw on #1 and moves closer while partially covering the two younger eaglets; #1 strains at whatever is binding her, and may have managed to get at least her head under cover

[Note - there are a lot of excellent videos of today's events; the ones I mentioned are just a random sampling - please view them all if you want to get a sense of how the day unfolded ~ JudyB]


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By: JudyB (offline) on Sunday, May 22 2011 @ 06:45 PM EDT  

Sunday, May 15, 2011
31 days old - 29 days old - 26 days old

May 15 s'cap by Birdsie - 2:50 pm, #1 on left, pinned to edge and calling; #2 (with big crop) being fed; #3 in back, waiting his turn

As of the evening of May 15, the Discussion thread had 11,472 posts and 401,852 views, and the Timeline thread had 2,485 views.

Wet morning, Mom doing a lot of calling - initially sounded like a defensive call, then a lot of calling for Dad

#1 is still caught, still trying to pull free, and making what may be distress calls

Much concern expressed about the plight of #1 and the fact Dad did not come to deliver food or take a turn at the nest

9:23 am - raining more; Mom uses tail to cover #1/Flyer - link

9:34 am - post by Richard Pitt reporting options being considered - link; call-in show via Skype planned for later in the day

10:03 am - Mom stretched and resettled; #2 and #3 moved underneath; #1 can reach and is sitting as close as she can, vocalizing softly - link

10:00 am - ground observer eaglesonly reported that Dad was at one of his usual perches near the water, probably looking for fish or other prey to bring to the nest - link

10:32 am - possible intruder in the area - link

11:22 am - Dad arrived with food; a bit of coming and going, then Dad returned and began feeding #1 and #2 - link; moved nearer to #1 partway through the feeding, but not within reach;

11:38 am - Dad left; part of the fish is still on the nest, but out of reach of #1 - link

11:47 am - Adult back, possibly Mom - link

noon - live broadcast with David Hancock and Richard Pitt - link to archived copy of the broadcast

12:40 pm - second adult arrives in the branches over the nest - link

12:48 pm - #1/Flyer may have been able to get a little closer to the food - link; continues to pull very hard, and there's concern she may injure her leg or foot

1:10 pm - summary of live broadcast: the landowner has given permission to enter the property; David Hancock will next contact the crane operator to see if the wet ground will support the crane; he will need MoE [I think Ministry of Environment] approval which he thinks will not be a problem; local wildlife rehab staff will be involved if a rescue can take place. David Hancock also noted that #1 has been the best fed eaglet up until now, so she has some reserves and is not in any immediate danger of starvation.

2:50 pm - feeding in progress; #2 fed initially, then #3; #1 not fed - link

3:00 pm - Mom left the nest; one of the chicks snuggled up with #1 and appeared to poke at #1's feet, but only for a minute and it didn't seem to help - link

3:13 pm - adult back on nest (Mom?) - link; broods #2 and #3; #1 tries to reach them, vocalizing softly

3:46 pm - noted that there is a little more slack in the line holding #1 to the side of the nest - link

4:42 pm - Update from David Hancock - link. Summary:
- the crane operator reported that the ground was very soft with open water and would not hold his 65 tonne crane
- the tree is long dead and very brittle, making it unsafe to climb
- as of now, there is no safe way to rescue #1 (aka Donald/Flyer) so we must hope he'll untangle himself

5:03 pm - feeding at the other side of the nest from #1 - link; #2 and #3 well fed; Mom moves nearer #1 once food is gone

5:21 pm - Mom flew off, chicks alone - link

5:30 pm - many suggestions were coming in so I (JudyB) initially asked people to send me PMs with their ideas to make sure we didn't miss any, and those eventually were put in a thread - Ideas for Helping the Sidney Eaglet

5:33 pm - adult back, no food; left again at 5:51 pm

6:16 pm - Mom in with food, but not near #1; #3 and maybe #2 were fed - both have big crops; noted that #3 has grown a lot in the last couple of days - link

6:29 pm - after feeding, #1 began vocalizing; Mom came over and started digging in the nest near her

6:36 pm - Mom has all three chicks gathered around; looks as if #1 is a bit farther from the edge than last night - link

6:50 pm - Dad arrives with more food, which is placed near #1, but Mom sets it aside; no feeding - link

7:09 pm - rain has stopped, and #1 appears to be sleeping, as are the other chicks (Mom has left) - link

7:50 pm - adult started feeding near where #1 is stuck; other chicks arrived, but #1 was fed a few bites - link; also looked as if adult was pecking near the foot that's pinned; several people thought #1 was fed


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By: JudyB (offline) on Sunday, May 22 2011 @ 06:46 PM EDT  

May 16, 2011
32 days old - 30 days old - 27 days old

May 16 s'cap by Kat - adult feeding #1/Flyer

noted that Mom was on the nest overnight; #1 quiet as dawn approaches; #1 seen occasionally trying to pull free as it gets light - link

5:32 am - Mom flies off

6:15 am - adult arrives with small food item; most goes to #2; #3 gets a bite; #1 out of reach

6:59 am - Mom arrives with small food item, feeds a little to #2, more to #3; leaves at 7:07 a,

7:15 am - some small birds were flying around the nest and #3 got up and flapped at them; may have also called out with an adult voice (need to check archives)

8:28 am - adult arrives with food; #2 and #3 line up for feeding; #1 doesn't move (a few previous posts have noted lack of movement or response to activity in the area) - link; #3 and #2 fed

8:32 am - #1 sat up, then tried to pull herself to the area of the feeding; Dad in with more food and leaves; feeding continues out of reach of #1; feeding ends around 8:43 with food on the nest and #1 not fed; Dad has left and Mom is semi-brooding/nestling beside #2 and #3

9:37 am - another feeding; noted that Mom seems puzzled that #1 is peeping but not coming forward to take any food; eventually Mom reached over and offered food to #1, who got at least 5 very big bites of salmon; feeding continues - up to 12 bites for #1 - link

10:29 am - Dad in with food (roadkill?) and it's near #1 - link

11:42 am - feeding in progress; #3 fed, then #1 was fed! (#2 seemed full); #1 got a good feeding; afterwards, adult was looking at area where #1 is attached - perhaps may see a way to break the line - link

12:13 pm - #1/Flyer sitting up and preening (I've heard that birds don't preen if they're seriously stressed), then apparently sleeping sitting up (perhaps more comfortable?) - link

12:47 pm - looked as if Dad was extending the nest cup nearer to #1's location - link

1:35 pm - Dad brought more food, and #1 is being fed; adult (Dad?) also ate some (salmon?); #2 also got some - link; brief feeding for #3 at the end as well

2:00 pm - possible intruder alert - link

2:10 pm - noted that #1 was not only preening but sometimes working on the area where her toe was caught - link

3:07 pm - adult arrives with food; #2 and #3 eat peacefully (didn't dash over immediately); #1 lying down, doesn't try to join the feeding - link

3:15 pm - Flyer up, possible poop shot

3:23 pm - both adults arrive with food; none of the eaglets seem too interested

3:27 pm - #1 may have had a brief feeding - link

4:01 pm - Mom feeding #2; #1 moves about then calls with a sharp whine sound; a couple of minutes later Mom moved the food nearer #1 and fed #1; lots of food for #1, who continued crying during the feeding to let adult know she wanted more - link; #2 also being fed, #3 sleeping

4:22 pm - after feeding, #1 turned to look over the nest edge, possibly pulling on the line from a different angle - link

5:09 pm - another feeding - something other than fish - and #1 is being fed - link; #1 is eating large pieces

5:15 pm - another feeding - #3 being fed; food also offered to #1 but she only took one bite

6:45 pm - #1 being fed again from the leftovers - link

Richard noted that David mentioned during yesterday's video chat that they might consider "seeding" a nearby tree with a good solid base of branches and/or "manmade" stuff that would form the basis for a new nest - link

8:10 pm - Mom is eating herself and feeding #2 and #3; #1 is laying down calmly watching the feeding; Flyer stands up and does a poop shot; Mom settles down to brood - looks as if she's close enough that #1 can get her head tucked in under Mom

8:46 pm - #2 pecks at #1; #1 stands up and #2 stops pecking at her; one of them pecked #3, who put his head down; having sorted that out, all three look to be settling in - link

anna-holland's video summary of the day; please note that there are a number of excellent videos of individual feedings for those who'd like to watch #1 being fed.

Noted that the forum pages were opening much faster for many members - and thanks expressed to Richard for the upgrade.


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By: JudyB (offline) on Sunday, May 22 2011 @ 06:47 PM EDT  

May 17, 2011
33 days old - 31 days old - 28 days old

May 17 s'cap by Eagle lovers fro - Mom feeding Snuggles and Burrows while Flyer watches

5:51 am - chicks awake, Flyer preening, one adult on the branch overhead

5:48 am - adult arrives with food; #3/Burrows fed a few bites, then joined by #2/Snuggles; #1/Flyer tugs on string and tries to approach; adult offers food in #1's direction, but #2 eats it; #1 watches and preens - link; adults leaves at 5:53 am

6:25 am - adult arrives at nest, looks around and then settles in between #1 and the other two chicks

7:06 am - Dad arrives with food (possibly rabbit); #3 arrives first, followed by #2; #1 remains lying down - link; after a few minutes, #1 stands and stretches/tugs to try to reach the feeding area, also vocalizes

7:40 am - Dad arrives with something red (salon?); Mom takes it and eats a little; #2 & #3 don't get up; Mom feeds #1 for several minutes - link; noted that adult seems to realize that #1 can't come to her, so makes an extra effort to bring bites to #1 - link

7:49 am - noted that one of the eaglets was "beaking" the fish - [url-]link[/url]; also noted that #1 may have more movement as she is now sitting up for feeding; other chicks joined the feeding, then Mom moved the fish close to #1

8:00 am - feeding over; Mom left the fish near #1, who is picking at it - link

8:01 am - Dad arrived with another large fish; one of the chicks (#2) was trying to pick at the piece of fish by #1; #1 was trying to reach Mom with the new fish; noted that #1 had a nice full-looking crop

9:16 am - noted that #1/Flyer is beginning to get pin feathers (too quick for a s'cap); also noted that #1 has been preening, and that is generally not something she would do if she were too stressed

10:00 am - Dad is feeding one of the eaglets, not sure which; #1 is making no effort to join; the other untethered eaglet may also have been fed. Then Dad calls for Mom (he's been in the nest for a while), and he flies off around 10:30 am; he's back around 10:45 am; he flew off and back at least once more.

11:20 am - Richard Pitt posted to report that David Hancock would be doing an interview with a local TV station, then getting on their chopper to go to the nest site and survey the situation (link to post with links about interview)

11:30 am - Dad arrives with a small piece of food; #3 is close, so he gets it; Dad leaves

12:25 pm - #1 may have done a poop shot - was observed that position; a good sign

12:44 pm - pictures of initial interview with David Hancock posted - [ur=]link[/url]

12:48 pm - #2 attempted some self-feeding - link and link

1:43 pm - Mom found some leftovers, and fed herself, #2 and #1 - link; #1 only got a couple of bites

2:52 pm - Mom arrives with medium-sized fish; #2 and #3 were fed; noted that #1 was in a different position, and concern expressed that she was more entangled; noted that the fact she's now lying down may be an improvement and show that she has more options now

3:05 pm - possible poop shot by #1 - link

5:40 pm - Mom is feeding #2 and #3 (not sure if she brought food or found leftovers)

7:48 pm - adult arrived, didn't appear to bring food - link

8:50 pm - pictures from the news broadcast suggest there is something wrapped around one of Flyer's toes - link and link and link and following

link to May 17 news items

anna-holland's video summary of the day


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By: JudyB (offline) on Sunday, May 22 2011 @ 06:48 PM EDT  

May 18, 2011
34 days old - 32 days old - 29 days old

May 18 s'cap by Raining22 - early morning, Flyer at far left

5:13 am - no adult visible on WA view; at least one of the other eaglets snuggled next to #1/Flyer

5:40 am - soft peeping from chicks, eagle call heard in the distance; both adults heard at 5:45 am; one adult (Mom?) arrives in tree at 5:46 - calls & trilling; 6:04 adult leaves, returns, leaves again

Noted by a local observer that Dad sometimes perches in a tree about 500 feet from the nest with a good view of the bay - easy calling distance between the two adults - link

7:07 am - both adults arrive, one in the nest, the other perching above; adult in nest leaves a minute later; adult in attic (Mom?) stayed a while then called out and left

7:45 am - several sightings of Dad flying near/under the nest, apparently carrying something

7:54 am - both adults arrive at nest and Mom starts feeding the younger two eaglets; Dad leaves after a minute or two; #1 is calling and pulling and may be able to get slightly closer to the middle (but not enough to reach the feeding); after a couple of minutes, #1 stretches wings, stands up and pulls; stops and preens briefly, then pulls again - link

Noted that Flyer is getting stronger, standing up straight as she pulls; also noted that she has lots of pin feathers showing today

8:01 am - feeding continues with both #2 and #3 getting a share; #1 has calmed down and is watching; prey might be rabbit or other animal; #1 continues to tug from time to time

8:15 am - Mom moves food nearer #1, who gets a couple of bites, then #3 comes over and because he is closer to the adult, he's getting fed; #1 vocalizes and pulls - and eventually gets 28+ bites. And as feeding continued, count went up to 84 bites. Feeding over and Mom leaves at 8:47 am

Noted that #3 still goes off on his own, while the third chick in 2009 spent time with its siblings in spite of their occasionally brutal attacks

detailed report for 7:28 - 8:37 am - link

9:42 am - adult in nest feeding #2, who may have been fed less than the others earlier

10:47 am - banner posted saying there may be an update broadcast around 3 pm

11:00 am - Dad arrives; Mom is in tree; Dad leaves 11:04, Mom leaves 11:08

11:15 am - Mom doing a lot of calling from the upper branches - likely either upset or wants food; leaves a few minutes later

11:17 am - #1 up, did a couple of wing flaps, did a poop shot, pulled a little then back to sitting tall

Dark primary feathers noted on #3's wings - link

11:40 am - new banner saying it was a false alarm [not sure when the entire story was posted, but they had hopes of using a helicopter, but the risk of knocking or blowing down the nest was too great]

continue here


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By: JudyB (offline) on Sunday, May 22 2011 @ 06:49 PM EDT  

May 19, 2011
35 days old - 33 days old - 30 days old

May 19 s'cap


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By: JudyB (offline) on Sunday, May 22 2011 @ 06:50 PM EDT  

May 20, 2011
36 days old - 34 days old - 31 days old

May 20 s'cap


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By: JudyB (offline) on Sunday, May 22 2011 @ 06:51 PM EDT  

May 21, 2011
37 days old - 35 days old - 32 days old

May 21 s'cap


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