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 Burnaby Bald Eagle Nest
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By: Anonymous: willpatt () on Friday, January 15 2010 @ 01:57 PM EST (Read 2524 times)  
Anonymous: willpatt

Welcome Welcome to the new thread for Burnaby Bald Eagle Nest:!: I did observations and videos on the nest in 2007 and 2008 and you can review all that by clicking Here. The eagles started nesting there in 2006, I heard.
In 2009 the eagles did not nest. For the past several years, Burnaby City has been trying to get a developer to build on the vacant lots along Norfolk near the nest but two developers backed out for finincial and other reasons. Finally during the summer of 2009, a third developer started building.

To bring you up to date on what it looks like over there now, I have copied my last post for now, over here:
Jan 11 2010 Noon. Today I went over in the rain and took three pictures of the developement near the eagle's nest. Also a couple of days ago, I spoke to two men who were having a coffee break. One of them claimed that an eagle comes and perches every week or so. He said that last week he saw two.

This first photo appears to block the view of everything from Norfolk but it really does not. Click to enlarge.

This one shows that I can see the nest from my usual parking spot on Norfolk. Actually though, the view of the nest is blocked from many previous locations. Pedestrians walking down Norfolk will have to choose their spots carefully, whereas before, they could view all the way as they walked down.

This one was taken from Canada Way. It catches the right most edge of the building nearest the nest and the nest on the right side. There is really plenty of space for the eagles to fly in and out. They were always used to plenty of noise and traffic right here on Canada Way, which is closer than that building. Also the parking lot just ahead is always busy with people going into the Greek Restaurant just ahead and left a bit. Also they used to fly in and out a lot from the rear of the nest over the park.

The eagles chose not to nest there last year, even though they were both seen there many times and there was no construction then. This year there is construction and one or both are still visiting the tree.

Lots of factors are involved, including that they have to fly several miles to find prey. There is nothing around here.

I would like to see work stopped on the nearest building during breeding season in Feb and Mar but I emailed the City Planner once and phoned a few times. He used to reply a year or so ago but now, nothing so far. I read the final report and whereas there was something in there about the eagle's nest before, now it is gone.

By: Anonymous: willpatt () on Saturday, January 16 2010 @ 12:04 AM EST  
Anonymous: willpatt

WelcomeThe local people protested this developement and I did everything I could to protect the eagles but in the end, the developement went ahead anyway. These eagles are used to lots of noise and the nearest new building is about 75 yards from the nest, which is farther than I thought it would be. We just have to wait and see whether the eagles will nest here in 2010 or future yearsThank You

By: sassyk (offline) on Tuesday, March 16 2010 @ 01:51 AM EDT  

waveWill: I just stopped by to see if your eagles have been around the past few weeks. If they don't use the nest we are going to miss seeing all your great videosSad

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By: gemini (offline) on Tuesday, July 06 2010 @ 03:08 AM EDT  

Quote by: terrytvgal

Today after FledgeFest, the idea of having a get together at one of the Parks near the Lafarge Nest came up!! David is quite keen on the idea and even thought that if we were lucky and got a nice crowd together we just might persuade the media to drop by. It would be wonderful to acknowledge Lafarge for their work with this nest and supplying the Cameras for us.

There isn't time to plan anything fancy beyond meeting at one of the parks and 'winging' it. (so to speak). If everyone brought themselves a bit of a snack we could have a picnic. We are thinking of Monday July 12 which should be pretty close to her fledge day.

So check your calendars and put an X on the 12th. Let's see if we can make something happen to honour this beautiful Tenas Chakchak we have had the joy of watching.

If you are at all interested Please let me know double-quick. Post your response and comments HERE!

Thank You Thank You and now....Good night

Hi Folks,

I said I would pass along this info to the "local ground observers" for Terry as she is wiped after the wonderful day at Fedgefest! Thanks for all your hard work Terry and Alan! (Mr Terrytvgal)!! Faint Thank You

If you are at all interested in a possible "Lafargefest", please respond ASAP by posting HERE!!

And as Terry said Good night!



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By: Anonymous: freckles () on Tuesday, May 17 2011 @ 12:52 AM EDT  
Anonymous: freckles

Hi Willpat - did the eagles ever nest at that site again?

By: gemini (offline) on Sunday, February 12 2012 @ 11:31 AM EST  

As the The Burnaby Bald Eagle Nest pair have moved their nest to a new location, this thread has been closed and a new one named Burnaby Eagles - Esmond & Grandview has been created.

The new discussion thread is HERE


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