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 Maine Coast - 2011 - Bald Eagle Cam
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By: Pat B (offline) on Wednesday, September 29 2010 @ 07:06 PM EDT (Read 41512 times)  
Pat B

Maine Coast - Bald Eagle Cam (starts with ad which can be noisy)

Link to new Maine Bald Eagle Cam forum:
Link to Maine Eagle Cam Forum Archives:

This is a streaming cam with sound and the potential for night vision, although that won't be turned on until the eagles are spending nights in the nest.

The cam is located in coastal Hancock County, and the eagles have nested at this site since 1995 and raised 20 offspring, making them one of the most successful pairs in Maine. This is a beautiful nest on the coast of Maine.

They fledged two eaglets in 2006, but had tragedy in 2007 - the weather was brutal right after the chicks hatched and they lost them. They mated and spent time at the nest in 2008 and 2009, but did not lay any eggs (taking a year or even two off after a nest failure is apparently fairly common)

Based on past experience, look for eggs in the first half of March, chicks in mid-April, and fledging in early July.

2011 Season:

  • eggs laid: Mar 24, 1:06 pm; Mar 27, 4:58 pm
  • sad news: not completely sure what happened, but there was a bad storm shortly after the eggs were laid, and the female was away for a couple of days; when she returned she didn't resume incubating, and the nest was eventually left untended, and subsequently failed; there might also have been a third eagle in the area, which might have contributed to the stress on the nest

(Information from BioDiversity Research Institute)

November 2008 screen cap posted by soph9

Link to last year's thread for the Maine bald eagle cam


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By: Pat B (offline) on Wednesday, September 29 2010 @ 07:08 PM EDT  
Pat B


Please let me know if any links or information needs updating Grin


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By: Eagle lovers fro (offline) on Monday, November 15 2010 @ 06:23 PM EST  
Eagle lovers fro

Eagle story..Sitting eagle
Roadkill oldest bald eagle ever found..
32-year-old bird oldest documented specimen

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 1:21pm
The bald eagle found on a New Brunswick highway this year turned out to be the oldest documented specimen of its kind. The bird was hit by a car in April, but after biologists investigated a metal tracking ring on its leg they were able to trace it back to a 1977 bird-branding program that took place in Maine. They found the bird was a record-setting 32 years old. Scientists were encouraged by the discovery of the road kill: they say that it indicates that the bald eagles are living longer and healthier lives.

Montreal Gazette

Hakuna Matata.....It means no worries...For the rest of your days..

NEW VIDEO:..Share the love for Mom and Dad Hornby
NEW VIDE0~Sidney Nest.Mom and Dad nest building


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By: Debs (offline) on Monday, November 15 2010 @ 07:31 PM EST  

Evening Maine :hello:

Starr :hello: I read that news article too...amazing hey and a very good sign for our bald eagles! When I read the article I thought about Mom Maine here too!

I have tried several times to get this cam and no luck for weeks now and there is no report on the status of the cam on their blog either. In fact their blog is from last April/May.

May you enjoy all of the simple "pleasures or gifts" that surround you.
Let your spirit soar!

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By: JudyB (offline) on Saturday, November 20 2010 @ 11:27 AM EST  

The cam is back!
Click on image to download

And folks on the Maine forum report having seen one eagle so far! There's no night vision - not sure if that's a permanent thing, or if they've turned it off until nesting season - but it's generally looking good!

And while I'm thinking of it - the Maine Bald Eagle Cam Forum is moving. They'll be keeping the old forum as an archive and as a backup in case of issues on the new forum - but most of the activity will now be at

It's a totally new forum, so those who are members will need to register again.

The cam is now on UStream (, and starts with a 30-second ad. I've updated the links in the first post.


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By: Anonymous: CAL04 () on Sunday, November 21 2010 @ 10:57 AM EST  
Anonymous: CAL04

Grin Good morning Maine Coast,

JudyB, Thanks so very much for the cam alert and new info! The Maine Coast Nest is as beautiful as ever.

10:40 am,
Eagle on the nest. love
Click on image to download

Departure: Direct down and to the right.
Click on image to download

Head and tail show on the bottom middle as the eagle flies down and right.
ETA: Correction: Tail feathers shown bottom middle.
Click on image to download

ETA: Time on pictures is set for PST vice EST.

By: Darlene (offline) on Thursday, November 25 2010 @ 03:50 PM EST  

The cam is working and there is an eagle on the nest right now! Hurrah!

Darlene, Langley, BC
aka Eaglelover1923
aka lovethebabies

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By: Anonymous: CAL04 () on Friday, November 26 2010 @ 11:15 PM EST  
Anonymous: CAL04

Thank you Darlene! I watched for a while early-early morning; heard trills very close to the nest but did not see an eagle.

Off Topic: Have been slightly "under-the-weather" of late but managed to peek in a few times.


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