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By: ma (offline) on Tuesday, January 19 2010 @ 12:18 PM EST  

Vicki, so sorry to hear that you experienced a quake in the Caymans. Glad there was no or not much damage, but it must be a very terrifying time just the same, especially after Haiti's devastation.
Wasn't that a party yesterday???? Wow, my head is still spinning and I hope sj and Debs weren't too traumatized by the wheelies that we did on my motorcycle!! Gotta was the dirt off my dressy oilskins today.Titter
ED, did you get the MM back to the garage in good shape? It is such a party mobile!! I sure enjoyed those Plymouth Gin martinis........PEB will know what I mean.....there's nothing like Plymouth Gin!!
Have a great day EV1!


Hope is the source of strength.
Miriam Simos


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By: EagleDude (offline) on Tuesday, January 19 2010 @ 01:09 PM EST  

Howdy Nesters!
Aw shucks, thanks Pye for the coffee- mmmmm goood! Very kind of you!
And Sj, the Tims is great- pipin' and deelish! Runway, what runway? We don't use a runway. It hovers where we wish to and drop off or pick up each Nester and their company via tele-transportation (like 'beam them up/down'Wink. Anyway, all are safe! As for you landing in a neighbour's pond- we'll have to check the GPS on your place!TitterWhistling I think Debs was trying to 'Mod' the settings!
Debs, a 'Mod', egads! Are the inmates running the asylum?:slap:Don't Panic:giggle: Well, it's only fair after all your 'harum scarum' in the past years that you now check out these newbies! As well as some of the long-timers, too! Meanwhile, have a good day and keep your yeys peeled for trouble-makers!
Oh Vicki, I hope EV1 is okay! And that there were NO more in Haiti!
Thanks for asking Ma, the MM is fine and is being serviced by all the techs in her hangar! Which we do after every trip, anyway!

Well, now I'm off to see the wizard!

LOLCoolMug of coffeeWink


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By: vickrb (offline) on Tuesday, January 19 2010 @ 08:30 PM EST  

Well, things have settled down and there have been no aftershocks that goodness. That is always the worry. I did not like that I am on the third floor of a relatively unsecure building. My filing cabinet (4 drawers) bounced across the floor up to the back of my chair and scared me you can believe. It blocked my way and i had to climb over it and the desk to get out. Don't Panic Did not take me long to find the first floor and fresh air. :eek: FIrst thing I did was move my care which I park against the building. After about 15 min. my boss said we should all go for about 3 hours until the check the building. I went back to work about 1:30. Ornaments down at home,but only in the living room not the bedroom or kitchen, but only one broke. pattio chairs were upturned and that was about all.

I along with a few others actually heard it coming and we thought it was a plane that missed the airport (they fly right over us). I am too old for these kinds of scares. I am certain my white hair just got whiter. Not a bad color really Rolling on floor laughing

Thank you for caring and I appreciate that. It is good to have friends out there for sure. No property damaged and no-one hurt. Just one sink hole in a condo property - 300ft x 200 ft. Looks like a crater.

Vicki - since 30 April 2009

God Gives every bird it's food, but He does not throw it into its nest.


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By: EagleDude (offline) on Wednesday, January 20 2010 @ 03:09 AM EST  

Glad to hear all is okay, Vicki!!!:notme:GrinClapping
Okay, Nesters. This is it,




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By: sj (offline) on Wednesday, January 20 2010 @ 06:55 AM EST  

Mornin' all you Sleepy Sleepy Nesters wave

Still having trouble logging in most of the time - and then the same trouble trying to log out. Help emo Sure hope it gets fixed soon - very frustrating! Don't Panic

You up yet Debs? Puzzled Up an' atter - it's donut time, doncha know. Rolling on floor laughing

Anyway - it's Timmies time. Mug of coffee Sun's up in the swamp - and the rooster has gone back to Sleepy - and here he is. sleepy :giggle: It's a balmy -6 this morning - and snowing all day.

So Wakey Wakey gang. :grin: Doggies all ready to be mushin’ all ‘round the globe - and starting at the north pole - heading to all our favorite Nesters. Their sled is stock full of Timmies and treats for each and every one of us. So enjoy, my Nesters friends. Nothing quite like morning coffee and tea on the fly – to bump start our day. And as always - pipin' hot for all. :thumrt:

Have a great day, gang. wave love


Friends are the family you choose for yourself.



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By: Anonymous: pyeinthesky () on Wednesday, January 20 2010 @ 07:18 AM EST  
Anonymous: pyeinthesky

This is your number one Nesters deputy signing in and reporting for duty. I'm wearing my badge even though you can't see it. Yup John, the inmates ARE running the asylum and it's going to be FUN!!!! So get yourself up on the turnip truck and fasten your seat belt. Debs is driving.

Sure was grateful to have those doggies arrive this morning. It was really hard to get the yeys open today folks. Thanks're the early bird today for sure.

Vicki, so glad you are OK. I have friends in Grand Cayman right now....such a lovely place. I have been there several times over the years.

Hope all the Nesters have a great day....

Cheers everyone!


By: Sally (offline) on Wednesday, January 20 2010 @ 07:51 AM EST  

Good morning Nesters.
So good to know who's "in charge" and that we have our very own administrators! You are doing a great job ladies. I bet your
medals are just lovely.

So glad to know that your 'quake wasn't too serious Vicki. In light of the happenings in Haiti, it must have been so scary.

I have to stay in today and wait for the furnace man. Nothing wrong with it, just needs bleeding. The water going through the pipes sounds
like a bucket of water gushing down a drain. I am quite happy to stay in today as I have had a lots of running about recently, and I have the
little ones' music programme tonight. I just love being with them. The worst thing about having had to give up work is missing the kids. I know there
is no way I could do this full time again but 45 minutes a week is just lovely. Also the same with the therapeutic riding, I get my 'kid fix' and then I
can go and rest.

The doggies made it over here and were very considerate, they let me have a lie-in, which was lovely. Many thanks for sending them the cuppa was "deelish".

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


.......and always let your concience be your guide!


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By: Sally (offline) on Wednesday, January 20 2010 @ 07:52 AM EST  

Just wondering why the little person above Belle, on the right is showing that I am sleeping, when I am awake and
typing this? Wake up, little person!


.......and always let your concience be your guide!


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