Wounded but surviving bald eagles -- how are they doing?

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Recently I have become aware of a number of eagles flying wild that seem to be doing fine with extensive -- maybe that should be massive -- wounds. My mind quickly goes to old axioms: the survival of the fittest etc. How can an eagle with a missing toe effectively compete? More importantly how could an eagle with basically one foot survive? Others eagles I have run down have obviously been handicapped but were surviving. How do they do this? We might include in this file any noticeable diseases and vagaries of plumage.

So do you have images of hurt, off color or diseased eagles? Let's have a look at them and we will try and explain the anomalies. Here we will also invite any of our rehab followers to report on their unusual arrivals or what they think is the problem -- or solution.

So my challenge to our group is to gather images and videos of "hurt eagles" --- ones that are not perfect. Now that we have a lot of eagle watchers it is possible we can gather some interesting data on this topic. This note is to invite anyone, past and in the future, to send us examples of "hurt" eagles. Please give us some geographical reference - as close as possible -- and a date the image or video was captured. And of course if you have any comments, on the bird's noticeable impairment, etc. or modified behavior, that would be wonderful.  


David Hancock 

See our new discussion thread with pictures of injured bald eagles here: 


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