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Hancock here:

World Falconry Day is November 16.  What an interesting thought.

While I became a falconer at age 11 and have spent the most rewarding parts of my life, hobby and business being associated with Birds of Prey, I had not heard of World Falconry Day until I got a note today from the pre-eminent North American Falconers Association.

What an interesting reflection:  So much of my life from the first contacts with Frank Beebe, Charles Guiguet at the BC Provincial Museum and all the associated biologists of the BC Parks, the Fish & Wildlife Branch and the Canadian Wildlife Service have all been so encouraging about caring for raptors.  Then of course I got into rehabilitating mammals and birds and by 14 I was also flying a bald eagle.  So between falconers, biologists (a great many who started out life with animals as falconers!) and then rehabbers we all owe a lot to raptors and their long association with humans.  It is not coincidental that raptors and humans get along yet have some conflicts.  I wish all fellow raptor enthusiasts a great World Falconry Day!

NAFA and all its associated organizations and affiliations are responsible for saving peregrines, bald eagles, California condors and a whole slew of other raptors around the world -- three cheers.!!!H


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