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Hancock here:

Ian Moul of WiTS has just pulled together a review of the Victoria -- Saanich Peninsula Bald Eagle Nests and would like any additional observations on sites and particularly productivity in any years.

If you can add anything to this please fill in the data and resend to Ian and a cc to me. Much thanks
David Hancock

2/2/2011, Ian Moul wrote:
Hi David,
I have been compiling the WiTS data for eagles in the Saanich Peninsula. I thought you might like to see what I have in a first pass – at least from Goldstream to Cowichan Head. The red cells below indicate years with incomplete data that do not follow the two site visit methodology. I have been grouping nests into territories and assigning them codes and names. On the attached map are 1km diameter circles to give approximate territory locations. What I find most interesting is all the coastline with no known nests – like the whole north shore of North Saanich. It is likely that they are there but not known to those at WiTS. It would sure be nice to go along there on the water in early April.
OT = Occupied Territory, ND = Tree down, A = Active nest site but no productivity records

As this is just the first pass, I may have missed data sheets on the floor here.

More soon, Cheers, Ian

Ian Moul RPBio. - Provincial Coordinator
Wildlife Tree Stewardship (WiTS) program


Data Table for the Saanich Peninsula

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Here is a link to the pdf

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