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Wildlife NewsOver the past couple of weeks we've pushed the limits of the web server we "borrow" from Hancock House Publishing. We pushed it to the limit and had to temporarily move the Discussion Forum off to another computer.

This is all because you, our members and viewers from the general public, have been coming to our web site in huge numbers. We're up over 1000% over last year, a tremendous amount considering we have had an excellent following ever since our first eagle camera went live.

Hancock Wildlife Foundation has had over 1/4 million visitors in the past month - and we're trending toward a million this month. You're staying longer on our site, reading the incredible amount of information here and looking at the images and video. You're subscribing both to the Media Gallery and to the Discussion Forum in ever growing numbers.

So we had to get a larger server; one that could handle not only what we're doing now, but that could form the basis of growth for at least the next year or two - we don't want to do this too often.

Today our new server came online, first with the discussion forum, then our advertising server, and finally with the main HWF web site. You should notice that things are a lot faster and more consistent. We'll also be able to add some new features over the next months that will continue our vision of providing a unique and valuable web resource for the education and conservation efforts the foundation has undertaken.

This new server is more expensive each month, and we're also having to pay more for our network bandwidth. Your donations and your support of our advertisers will continue to help us here and with our various cameras and other facilities.

Enjoy - richard

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