Update - TWO Tagged Bald Eagles Spotted in Alaska

David Hancock has called me to say that they have now spotted a SECOND bald eagle with a patagial wing tag at Haines, Alaska at the Alaska Bald Eagle Festival being held this week.  He also has additional information about the first eagle spotted, whose picture is shown in the article below this one.  That eagle sports a green tag with the number 24 on it but they have now discovered that it also has a MICROWAVE TRANSMITTER on its back.  So some wildlife  organization is definitely attempting to follow this bird.

The second bald eagle has a blue tag with the number 84 on it.

The Institute for Wildlife Studies in southern California was contacted yesterday to see if the first one is one of their birds but so far we have not heard back from anyone down there.

Anyone with identifying information, please contact me at karen@hancockwildlife.org as David would like to be able to announce to the festival attendees up there who these special eagle "guests" are.

Thanks for your help.

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