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Cell workers rebuild home destroyed in windstorm

A nest was blown off the tower in a March windstorm, and the lone male raptor seemed eager to reestablish his home in Belmont park. The osprey circled the tower with twigs in his beak and squawked at the workers. Little did the bird know the workers intend to help him make up for lost time.


Work to add 4G technology to the tower is complete, and an extension was attached to the top of the pole with a ready-made nest for the osprey.

John Switzer and Kyle Cronin of WestTower Communications look over the nest they built for an osprey that lives on a Telus communications tower in Belmont park in Colwood 


 A nesting osprey kept a watchful eye on workers scaling the Telus cellphone tower in Colwood this week.


“Telus had planned to upgrade technology on the tower a few years ago, but when we saw the nest work stopped,” Telus spokesperson Shawn Hall explained.

Osprey nests are protected year-round by the B.C. Wildlife Act. To remove one requires a permit, which Telus was in the process of obtaining. When the nest was blown down naturally, workers were free climb the tower



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