This relates to the Eagles' Nest Tree that was topped in Sechelt, BC.

The Provincial Government want comments from the public re: SPECIES-AT-RISK PROTECTION

Comments sought on draft plan

Protecting vulnerable species

March 21, 2013

Minister of Environment Terry Lake and Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Steve Thomson invite interested individuals and groups to comment on B.C.'s draft species-at-risk plan.

Comments on "Protecting Vulnerable Species: A Draft Five-Year Plan for Species at Risk in British Columbia" will be accepted on-line and by mail until April 12. Comments will be reviewed and summarized on the website on a weekly basis in a frequently asked questions (FAQ) format. Feedback provided will be considered in making revisions to the draft plan and informing further development of British Columbia's species-at-risk program.

The draft plan results from the work of the Species at Risk Task Force. The task force's report was released in July 2011 and contained 16 recommendations, ranging from technical advice (e.g., take an ecosystem approach), to making changes to the regulatory framework and launching a wider public consultation process.

All the recommendations of the task force were considered when preparing the draft species-at-risk plan.

“The draft plan provides a vision for a balanced, collaborative approach to species-at-risk management in B.C.,” said Lake in a news release. “It brings together the numerous activities that the Province undertakes for species at risk and presents them as a coherent program, and it celebrates some of our key successes in protecting and managing B.C.'s vulnerable species. Most importantly, of course, the plan provides a clear path for the future, demonstrating a thoughtful, considered approach to a challenging issue."

To comment on B.C.'s draft species-at-risk plan, visit:

For more information about the Species at Risk Task Force and to view its report, visit:

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