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One of the lesser known activities of Hancock Wildlife Foundation has been our involvement in direct education initiatives. In 2007, Grand Chief Dr. Rose Charlie, through the sponsorship and activities of Hancock Wildlife Foundation and the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival Society, gave a series of 28 presentations to school children throughout BC on the First Nations' perspective on conservation, particularly of bald eagles.

The project was designed to counter the at-that-time habit of First Nations people of shooting eagles to sell their feathers for the North American and European Pow-wow dance market under the false justification that using bald eagle feathers for this purpose was "a traditional and religious right".

The details of this project were first posted in our (now archived) original discussion forum area and pictures of some of the sessions are in our media gallery, but have never really been brought together in one place.

From the Chilliwack Progress:

The goal of this series was to have elders such as Charlie speak to elders and children across B.C. about the spiritual reverence that traditional aboriginal culture has for the mighty bald eagle.

“My people believe it’s not right to sell eagle parts. It’s not a product. The way some people are doing it it’s not medicine,” said Charlie.

Hancock Wildlife Foundation is looking for sponsorship to continue and expand this series. Please contact Richard Pitt or David Hancock directly if you or your company can step up to the plate to aid us in preserving our natives' heritage and continuing to educate our children in the ways of nature.



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