Sidney Eaglet Rescue - More Images

The huge number of images and pieces of video are now almost digested. David and I have not yet done a "wrap-up" show for a number of reasons, but I wanted to give you links to some of the images we've pulled from the video starting with 52 that I selected leading from our first view of the crane, to the final clip of the line in the nest that freed Flyer. 

From David's hand-held camera - selected images leading to Flyer's rescue

Index of Rescue Images

Note: the above index leads to over 12,000 images in sets of up to 50 images per thumbnail page. Each image links directly to a 640x480 version and there is a link for both a 420x300 pixel version and the original full (1920x1080 pixel) version

As with all images and video on this site, the images are licensed under the Creative Commons non-commerical attribution share-alike license. See the bottom of each page.


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