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David Hancock has added yet another piece to the growing biology reference section of our main site.

This new piece, Sibling Rivalry - the Great Survivial Technique, goes into what happens when there are multiple eggs, and eventually eaglets, in the nest and food is scarce.

Check it and the rest of the biology reference section out.

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Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, May 07 2009 @ 02:35 AM EDT Sibling Rivalry - New Biology Reference Page

Evening all,

  as long as I have been watching this nest, it breaks my heart to see that the last eaglet don't seen to get much to eat. When I was watching last evening I was sooooo happy to see that the underdog ( little one) got a big feed. I do understand that the stronger survive, ( sorry for the spelling) but I find it hard to watch when the little goes without food many time. I have a black bird ( Mr. Black Bird ) that is almost 2 yrs. old that I love to death & have looked after since he was just 3 days out of his egg... no feathers...eyes shut & I cooked him up a special menu everyday & stayed up feeding him through the night to keep him alive. It was like looking after a baby & I did it & have in my computer room & every morning he calls for me & I will alway be there for him. That how much he means to me. I have many animals in my house but what is 1 more...I love all my animals...Take care....

Phyllis   aka silky!!! 

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