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Hancock here:  Our Chehalis Salmon and Bald Eagle Preserve is threatened by the chipping away of the key elements that make it so special, the pure water and the adjacent old-growth forest that both cleans the water and provides safe overnight roosting places for thousands of eagles.
I would say that this proposal to log these rare large trees would not even be considered since so few are left but some people want to extract the last dollar from every single resource, even if it is for such short lived purposes.
Please say, "Keep your hands and saws off the old-growth forest of Echo Lake and keep our Chehalis Salmon & Eagle Preserve safe."
It is incredible how we have attempted to preserve this several times before and some greed-driven individual still comes back for another dollar's worth of our heritage.  Just say NO.
Our live streaming CAMS on the Harrison Mills Bald Eagle Nest, when pointed to the south, look up into the Echo Lake watershed.  it is right beside the Chehalis River where our 10,000 bald eagles gather all fall and winter and largely roost in those very trees.
David Hancock
Hancock Wildlife Foundation
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