Saving Florida's Panthers - For Now

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Wired Science reports that the gene pool of panthers in Florida has been increased with the introduction of eight females trapped in Texas.

This is another example of what lengths man has to go to to preserve and protect the planet's mammals from extinction.

Conservationists introduced eight female panthers trapped in Texas. Between 1995 and 2003, the newcomers bred with native cats; as described in a Sept. 24 Science study, the gene pool was replenished. The Florida panther’s future is hardly assured, but it certainly looks better.

“Those defects are still found, but the proportion is much lower now,” said David Onorato, a researcher at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Florida Panther Project.

Onorato and a team of geneticists and other conservationists analyzed genetic data gathered from Florida’s panthers over the last 31 years, both before and after the translocation.

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