Back to the nest: Eagle spotted at controversial Highway 44 site

Wildlife NewsBy Record Searchlight staff
Originally published 06:19 p.m., October 27, 2008
Updated 08:03 p.m., October 27, 2008

An eagle has returned to the nest near Highway 44 at the Sacramento River.

But it is unclear whether this eagle is Patriot or Liberty, as a resilient pair of the national birds were dubbed last year by Record Searchlight readers.

"It is really impossible to know," said Tom Balkow, senior environmental planner in the California Department of Transportation's Redding office.

The nest was a source of controversy last year when the California Department of Transportation tried to shoo away the eagles by blocking it with a plastic cone.

The cone was removed last winter, the eagles raised a pair of eaglets last spring and summer, a Web cam has been installed and now the question is whether Patriot and Liberty will return to their nest despite the racket of nearby bridge building.

After the lone eagle was photographed today, one of the eagles advocates, Teri Lhuillier, strolled past the nest on an evening walk and saw two eagles in the tree, she said.

"It looks like they are both back now," she said.

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