Richard Pitt Is Almost at Rest

Today's visit was another sad affair.  Richard had not been able to speak since a bit before my visit yesterday.

Apparently the nurses had given him "another patch" which I gather is a higher dose of drug for pain.  This suggests he is very near the end.  The saving grace is he is not suffering -- at least outwardly.

His kids and brother were again on hand and they are bearing up stoically.  What a marvelous support group.

I gave him all our thoughts and wishes -- but I believe the rest is up to you. 

The previous day I had expressed to the family that the mods had asked to name one of the chicks at Delta 2  "Goldwing" -- the family all acknowledged this as a key point of Richard's joys.  I suggest the other name be "Linux"  -- Richard's other joy!

Thanks for all the notes and best wishes sent here.

David Hancock

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