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Richard PittI have just heard that Richard Pitt - my mentor in all things "forum" – is approaching the end of his valiant battle with cancer, and will be moving from the hospital where he's been for the last couple of weeks to a hospice where he will be spending his last days.

Jkr spoke with him this morning, and he has asked that we give him our blessings as he prepares to leave this world.

When I think of Richard, I think mostly of the "little" things – how patient he was as he explained things and answered questions and made little tweaks here and there. How he always sounded cheerful, even when I was calling before he'd had his coffee.

But without his technical support, there would be no website, no forum, no cameras. Everything we have here is a tribute to David Hancock's vision - and Richard Pitt's ability to implement it.

Back when Richard was going into the hospital for his initial surgery in November, he told the other Admins and me "... if you are thinking of sending me something, please instead make a contribution to your favorite cancer charity or the Hancock Wildlife Foundation."

Richard Pitt With that thought in mind, on behalf of David Hancock and the Forum Admin Team (jkr, Pat B, gemini and me), I am pleased to announce the establishment of the Richard Pitt Fund, to be used for projects to enhance our knowledge of wildlife through the use of technology.

This does get a bit awkward, because there are as many ways to honor Richard as there are to send him the warm wishes and blessings and love that will help ease his journey, and I don't want to suggest that this is somehow better than any other. But I do have an idea of the amount of time and energy Richard put into HWF over the past seven years, and I know that many of you who are reading this also have a commitment to Hancock Wildlife, and its goals of education, research and conservation - so if this feels right for you, you can make a donation earmarked for the Richard Pitt Fund by using the "Five Ways to Donate" link in my signature, and noting that the donation is for the Richard Pitt Fund.

We are hoping to have more details available soon – but sadly time is of the essence now.

In closing, on behalf of the Forum Admin team, Forum Assistants, Topic Assistants, and other Forum Support Team members and volunteers who've worked with Richard directly and indirectly over the years, we'd like to publicly thank Richard for "Taking HWF to the next level" – and for the support he has given all of us over the years.

Richard, sending you light and love, and our blessings.

Richard Pitt on motorcycle
(photo by sandra gee)

April 3, 2012
Five Easy Ways to Donate


We do have a thread on the Forum for posting good wishes for Richard - Click Here

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