Response from David Hancock to Condolences for Mary

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As most of you know Mary was not just a compassionate loving and respectful individual but the word 'individual' with self-determination was so characteristic of her. To the last function, the 35 gathered in our living room for 'good-byes', Mary directed the agenda, trying to get the speakers to unsuccessfully talk about others and not her, but as you can imagine the many tear-jerking speeches were stories about her.

The last moments with Geoff, Fraser, Don, Mia and I holding her hands were wonderfully peaceful. She joked to the Doctor 25 seconds before her final, 'I was so privileged to have loved you.'

She has requested we spread a few ashes in our pond, in the Salish Sea, my garden and below as many eagle nests as possible.  I will never see an eagle again without seeing Mary my very best-ever friend in the world.

Thank you all.



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