Record Number of Bald Eagle for 2005

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North West Coast Numbers of Bald Eagles likely to be record for 2005-06 wintering.

Most of the entire north, Alaska, Yukon and norther BC is frozen up and the salmon carcasses are already unavailable to the eagles so they have moved south.


1. Chilkat Bald Eagle Festival: Haines Alaska: Festival is just over BUT the eagles remain.

On Nov 4, 2005, I counted over 2700 bald eagles along the 2 miles of the Council Grounds and perhaps another 2000 were in the valley. This magnificant show of eagles will continue through to spring for anyone still wanting the see the spectacule. Contact the American Bald Eagle Foundation for details and accomodation in Haines. See our site for details.

2. Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival: Harrison Mills, BC (Just 50 east of Vancouver BC)

The Festival is November 18, 19, and 20, 2005 Come all!

Nov 16 count 1230: 440 eagles

Nov. 17 count 0800: 960 eagles.

Official Count: Nov 19 and 20: projected to be over 1000 eagles present for fesival viewers. The number will build until late January when the birds disperse for nesting -- and having eaten up all the salmon carcasses.

See their WEB site for details of lectures, exhibits, time for release of bald eagle at Native Cultural ceremony etc etc.

3. Brackendale Bald Eagle Festival: Jan 1 through Jan 30, 2006(50 miles North of Vancouver BC

Also projected to be record count as the entire north is frozen up and the food supply sealed under ice --- forcing the birds south (except for the 2 miles of warm water on the Chilkat River Haines AK). see our WEB site for links to their site.

This is great year to see the wintering eagles at the Harrison or at Brackendale. Book a day! Book a weekend and see more eagles than you thought existed!

4. Unknown Eagle: seen at Haines Nov. 13/05 see adjacent Forum items for photos.

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