Re the 2012 --2013 Season Cam Installations & Web Activation:

Part 1:   Installation of cams and testing:
   This has been a hectic late summer getting all the nest cams, the underwater cam and the tower cams ready and installed.  This has now been completed.  All 5 nests have two HD cams with at least one of them being a PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom).  Lafarge, Harrison Mills and White Rock actually have two PTZs at each nest and also two PTZs were installed on the Chehalis Tower.  We had Ken pre-assemble each cam either at his house or here at HWF for testing.  They were again tested at the base of the tree or tower before I left so all looks good for an exciting fall.

Part 2:   Connections to the web:   This is Ken's role and he is working at this as best he can.  I realize some of the cams have been installed or down for a considerable period and now, with adult eagles returning, it is further pressure on Ken to get his part done.  He is working on this as best he can.

Special Thanks:   I particularly wish to thank Larry Dorosh/urban eagle for helping at several nests -- particularly on the taxing day of getting the two PTZs installed at Harrison Mills.  That nest was 172 feet up and just past the full reach of the 202 foot crane.  Larry scrambled onto the nest and upper limbs to make the last connections.  Also thanks to the volunteer efforts of Chris Lagalisse for helping with the tower and to Percy Emans for doing all the ground work, from installing electricity to the tree etc. for the Mission nest and then providing his fine jet boat to cart us all out to the Chehalis tower.

The tower trip, while involving a mile long knee deep wade for most of us, including my biology assistant Myles Lamont, also became an "over the head experience" for Karen as she stepped over a log into a deep hole and totally submerged -- binoculars, camera and blond locks!  So many others helped, including my perpetual right hand person, Karen, who keeps track of everything throughout for me.  At each site Ken did the testing -- except for the Tower day.  The day before he had banged his head and had to have 7 stitches and the doctor said long hikes and 'swims' were not on the 'tower day' agenda for him.  We hope to get out there this week so he can make the final connections to our installations between cams and fuel cell and transmitter.

I will post a collective report once I get Ken out to the Tower site to make the on-site connections and each individual report will be posted at each site. The following is simply the schedule of Ken getting each site onto the web.  Ken does not like to make such schedules so whoever is reporting other problems to him, and can glean some hints of update timing, they can update this list. 

Bald Eagle Nest Cams:

1.    White Rock Nest:
  This site now has 4 cams installed and tested - the two original fixed focus cams and two more PTZ cams pointed out to sea and other perch trees -- and an optional nest site should these birds worry about the frail structure of the existing nest.  Ken has been working at getting these on line.  According to Ken these cams will go on the web: 

2.    Delta 2 Nest:
  This site has two PTZ cams.  I believe Ken might be there today, Oct 2.  An adult eagle was reported near this nest a couple of days ago -- maybe they or their next door neighbors are back!  According to Ken these two cams will go on the web:

3.    Lafarge Nest:
  This site has a PTZ near the nest and the original PTZ located on the nearby tower.  The later has been functional but today Ken has been called to check something as it is again down.  These are the first pair to return from the post-nesting migration -- last week.  Ken just reported to Karen today that he has to get Lafarge to increase the Telus outbound bandwidth before much can happen.

4.   Mission Nest:
  This new site has a fixed and PTZ cam and both are tested and awaiting Ken to finish the web connections.  According to Ken they will go on the web: 

5.   Harrison Mills Nest:  This new site at the Sandpiper Golf Course has two PTZ cams overlooking the Chehalis Flats and the nest.  Ken says he is again going out to this site tomorrow, Wednesday, October 3 to do some wiring. They will both  go on the web:

Tower and Underwater Salmon CAMS:

6.    Chehalis Estuary Tower Cams:
  This site has two large PTZ cams installed.  Hopefully Ken will get out to this site shortly as the wintering eagles are already arriving.  By mid October I suspect there will be at least 100 new eagles every day.  We are hoping for 5000 plus by December.  According to Ken  these cams will be on the web:

7.    Chehalis Underwater Salmon Cam:
  This cam is installed and is looking at all 5 species of salmon, steelhead and two trout species and according to Ken will be on the web:

While I worked very closely and effectively with Ken to get each of the above site cams wired, tested and then installed, it is now up to whomever is talking with Ken about other problems to update the activation days.  Ken will simply not give schedules as he does not yet have sufficient experience to predict these times.  So I am posting this 'imprecise' schedule so Karen can update it as any of you get more details and forward them to her. Hopefully Ken will tell her of these dates as they become clear to him.  I know Ken is working at this as best he can.


David Hancock

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