Re: Richard Pitt - momentarily an "Illeagle"

Richard here... as a preface to this newly re-issued to the members and public report by David, I want to apologize to everyone for locking it down initially.

David did talk to me about doing up a report to our members (and of course the public who come here who are not members per se, but do keep abreast of who/what/where/when/why with the Foundation) on my illness. For whatever reason, be it my pain meds, lack of food at the time (I was on ice chips after almost 3 days of either only ice chips or literally nothing leading up to my surgery) or simply general confusion at finding myself in the whirlwind of procedures far and away more involved than I'd expected with just an ulcer, I simply didn't remember just what we had decided, and fell back on my initial idea of doing this all via my own blog at - where I've just posted the first of a series of articles on what is going on.

In any case there was no harm and I certainly never expected to keep this information private, so we'll simply let things go on as they will. No harm, no foul.


I just came from the hospital visit to see our stalwart Richard.  He has just come through a serious operation but is up and cussing and giving orders --- I take that to be wonderful. That is all a slight exaggeration as Richard generally doesn't cuss except at me.   Via phone he already this AM got our servers up and running - someone had accidently pulled out the electric plug from the wall!! 

There is no hiding the fact that Richard has a serious cancer problem but he is optimistic and mentally positive that he will tackle the problems successfully.  Over time he will be reporting on any therapies as he chooses.  He will by necessity have down days and much less time for the HWF efforts -- but -- and he quickly makes this point, he is looking forward to keeping his mind focused our site and solving problems.  This is a primary positive mental focus for him and he looks forward to keeping things flowing.

Richard has given us a "public statement" as to his health that he would like posted and anything more definitive he will state as opposed to people feeling they each need to ask more detailed questions.  He and I know many of you are concerned and wish him well.  What I don't not want is that concern for him turns into "who can ask the most private question to show they are more concerned" -- the way things sometimes happen with an eaglet in distress.

Here is Richard's public statement:  "I'm dealing with personal medical issues that will keep me from doing physical activities for at least a couple of months but will be available for consultation and help to the admins as needed"

Ken and I will be interacting with Richard to complete a few unfinished cam details:   Delta 2 second cam, the momentary White Rock problem and the Chehalis underwater cam.  We will be further working on other items to be announced.

Richard will largely continue to take calls/texting etc. from our key Mods who keep everything going. 

In the meantime we all wish Richard the best and with his record of beating incredible odds at ages 2 and 8, he looks at this as just adjusting to another winnable battle.

Thanks to all.



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