Raptor Research and Management Techniques Book Now Online

Hancock Wildlife Foundation is proud to announce that our new Raptor Research News web site is now online with the first of what is hoped to be many research papers and books available to the raptor research and science community in specific as well as the general public.

With this launch we include the complete online edition of the definitive raptor science manual, Raptor Research and Management Techniques, which covers all manner of research and conservation techniques, practices and problems.

From the Preface: 

In 1987, the Raptor Information Center of the National Wildlife Federation published the Raptor Management Techniques Manual. The work, which was edited by Beth Giron Pendleton, Brian Millsap, Keith Cline, and David Bird, was a 420-page manual consisting of 19 chapters divided into three sections: Field Research Techniques, Management Techniques, and Laboratory Research Techniques. Each chapter was authored by one or more experts in the field, and each was reviewed by two independent referees. Priced at $25 U.S., the book sold out quickly. Although the Raptor Managernent Techniques Manual was published in binder format with the expectation that individual chapters would be updated and replaced as warranted, this never occurred. The Raptor Information Center was disbanded in the 1990s.

In 2000, the Raptor Research Foundation (RRF) approached the National Wildlife Federation and was given permission to pursue the publication of a thoroughly updated version of the manual. RRF then asked the two of us to solicit authors for individual chapters, edit the new work, and oversee its publication. The book before you, Raptor Research and Management Techniques, is the result of these efforts.

Now that the internet is so pervasive, it has been decided to encourage interactive update to the information contained in this book. 

This basic document has been made available by Hancock House Publishers in cooperation with the owners, RRF and authors,  to facilitate the speedier access to and updating of these cornerstone tools of research and management. The existing Chapter authors and others will be encouraged to oversee the discussions within their topic specialty. The Hancock Wildlife Foundation, a not-for-profit society is supporting and coordinating this site.


In addition to the Raptor Research and Management Techniques book, two other books: Bald Eagles of Alaska and Hunting tactics of Peregrines and other falcons are also included.

These three books form the basis of what we expect will be an impressive site devoted to the advancement and documentation of all aspects of raptor conservation, research and education.

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