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WARNING -- book soon!!!  Dec. 4th trip already full.  Nov. 26 and Dec. 10 seats still available.  As some of you still following our site, even at this "non-eagle-breeding season" know, the incredible gathering of eagles at the Harrison is growing by the hour.  Jo-Anne of the Fraser River Safari Tours, whom I always go out with on the river, reported even more eagles yesterday than on Sunday -- the day before.  Her shot of about 86 eagles in two trees says it all.
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Why I am writing this is that in spite of the huge numbers of fish in the river, which should feed the eagles through December, there is a problem that could end it all in a couple of days. The weather!!  If it warms up and rains a lot all the existing snow in the nearby mountains will melt and flood down the river washing out all the dead salmon carcasses.  If that is the case the eagles will have to move elsewhere but the sturgeons vacuuming up the bottom will be happy.

If we do get the warm spell there will possibly be a few days when the main group of salmon carcasses are still drifting in the main Fraser River.  This would enable us to see a few hundred on the journey up the Fraser from Mission to the Harrison BUT the large numbers along the Harrison will be gone if the carcasses wash out.

Therefore, if you gamble on the continuing cold weather and the build up of the salmon carcasses along the Harrison, as I hope will happen, don't blame me if you waited too long to witness first hand this incredible phenomena.  If  the weather holds cold till our planned River Trip this Saturday, the 26th, I suspect we will have between 4000 and 6000 eagles along the river -- not a bad number to see in 90 minutes!

Of course the next weekend could be even a lot more -- weather permitting!  While watching our live cams during the eagle breeding season is awesome, seeing many thousands of eagles in two kilometers of a river is something quite different -- and even more awesome!

Give Jo at Fraser River Safari Tours a call (1-866-348-6877 toll free) to book a spot (only 22 per trip) on their fine heated and covered boat designed for observation and photography -- and staying warm and dry!   On some dates I get to come along as the guide (really a freebie counter!) -- so say hi.



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