Protective gander rules the roost on Milford

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Susie Parks and her dog Charlie are hissed at by a gander that has nested with a goose on the roof of a neighbour’s house on Milford Avenue in Coquitlam, near Como Lake. Parks says the male goose has scared dogs and children in the neighbourhood as it protects its nest. 

Milford Avenue used to be a quiet cul-de-sac where residents could walk, with dogs and toddlers in tow, down to the lapping shoreline of Como Lake.

But ever since the new neighbours moved in, things have run a-fowl.

Children run home crying.

Dogs get attacked in the street.

And newspapers don’t get delivered around here anymore.

Every spring for the last four years, this single-block suburban street has been terrorized by a highly territorial, two-winged menace.


“I warn people who go by with kids or dogs: Anything under three feet and he’ll go after it,” said Milford Avenue resident Susie Parks, who lives next door to where an aggressive male goose — a gander — lives with its mate in a large nest on the peak of the neighbours’ roof.


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