Police Break Up Eagle Party at Safeway

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By Stephanie Joyce
Tuesday, May 07 2013

Eagles Feasting on Fish / Credit: Tim Moyer

 A flock of eagles descended on the Safeway parking lot last week, prompting police intervention.

Public Safety Director Jamie Sunderland says several people called in short succession on Thursday afternoon to report the melee.

Sunderland: “One of our officers went over there and there were 40 eagles sitting on, in and around several vehicles in the area.”


Sunderland says the eagles were feasting on garbage bags of fish product in the bed of a pickup truck. Public Safety contacted the truck owner:

Sunderland: “Who confirmed they did have a bunch of fillets in the car, and they were trying to get rid of it, but there were so many eagles that they were, I think, somewhat alarmed to go near the vehicle, because it was just being swarmed by eagles.”


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