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I finally had the pleasure of meeting 1/3 of the incredible WildEarth team, Peter Bratt.  What a great 3 days.  He met with our local mod team, Ken Cillis and some of the local keeners.  Richard Pitt and Mike Cillis, who is being groomed by Richard, attended the meeting by Skype.  Between bottles of fine wine and a buffet prepared by Mary, Peter brought us up-to-date on where WildEarth has been and where it hopes to go.

The attached photo of Peter and me was taken by Christian Sasse -- whom you know well from his special shots of the White Rock pair.


It was interesting to hear how Graham and Emily Wallington had evolved the live streaming business and then took on Peter, first as a photographer on wild rides on the Landrover through the game park and then as a shareholder.  It was surprising to some present that the HWF bald eagles had been the first customer of WildEarth.   Of course HWF and WE had been pioneering independently before teaming up.

It was also wonderful to hear from Peter that Richard had been able to help them in so many areas to bring our and many other cams to the public.  And of course Peter wanted to personally meet Richard.  Ken took him to the hospital where Richard was -- a great meeting of two real pioneers of this industry.

So, Graham, Emily  -- it`s your turn next for our spare bedroom.  Wonderful that not just does WildEarth broadcast our streams to the world but so nice to finally touch bases personally.

Thanks Peter, Graham and Emily.

David hancock and the eagle gang

PS  On the way to deliver Peter back to the airport Karen and I took him on a tour of our local eagles -- as a birder he marveled at seeing his very first bald eagle.  I wanted him to remember the trip so I showed him just over 1250 eagles in two hours!!  He was impressed.

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