New Camera at Lafarge Eagle Nest Site

LaFarge Vancouver Eagle Nest

Thanks again to Lafarge Canada Inc. - they've purchased another camera and mounted it on their "sand tower" to the East of the nest tree. The current position is temporary while their machinist makes up a mount extension to position the camera more to the South and higher to escape another branch that has grown on this impressively surviving tree in their concrete yard on Vancouver's waterfront.

The fact this tree is growing so well is a tribute to the work Lafarge has done to halt the erosion around its roots and preserve it from further damage now that they have their plant on the property. The problem is that until we can get a camera mounted in the tree (hopefully after the chick fledges near the end of the summer) we have to rely upon looking through the tree's canopy at the nest. The original camera, situated on the newly installed feeding platform to the West of the tree, has been largely blocked by new growth and we can't get at it to move it until the eagles leave for the salmon spawning season.

The new Axis Q6032 camera should be operational on our site some time in the next few days - possibly before the mount has been changed. In the mean time I've pulled some still images from it to give you a flavor for the view it presents. You can see them in the Media gallery album and some slightly different ones in the discussion forum for this nest.

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