National Treasure

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By Lia Grabowski
June 30, 2013

National Treasure

Lindy — This bald eagle can spot his zookeeper from a mile away
Photograph by Tom Roy


Once endangered, bald eagles are a conservation success story

Even though a wing injury has left him unable to fly, Lindy, one of two bald eagles at the Detroit Zoo, still lives up to proverbial eagle standards. Staffers say Lindy can spot his zookeeper from a mile away and will vocalize when he sees her with his "eagle eye."

Named after Charles Lindbergh, Lindy was found in 1988 on Orcas Island, Wash., where his injury prevented him from living in the wild. He came to the Detroit Zoo later that year. His habitat mate, Flash, got his name from flying into electrical transmission wires. Flash also suffered a wing injury and came to the zoo from Kodiak Island, Alaska, in 2009.

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