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An article in Wired Science caught my eye this evening.

It deals with migration - and the concept of how it might have evolved. I got to thinking about this in light of salmon spawning and a conversation with David Hancock last Tuesday as we were eating lunch after putting in the underwater camera at the Chehalis Fish Hatchery, about "scouts" in the salmon population going up different streams from the ones they had originated from. His statement was that as much as 10% of the salmon found in a stream might be scouts from some other stream, and that this was one of the ways that streams were re-populated after being wiped out for any one of a number of reasons.

The article in Wired Science talks about everything from bees "following a few scouts to a new hive," to the extension of this concept to "globe-spanning migrations of caribou in the Arctic and wildebeest in the Serengeti, birds and butterflies over oceans."

You'll enjoy the rest of the article too.

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