Lafarge Nest Has First Chick This Season

LaFarge Vancouver Eagle Nest

Hancock Wildlife Foundation - Lafarge nest now has its first chick of the 2010 nesting seasonThe eagle nest in downtown Vancouver, on the waterfront in the Lafarge concrete plant, has its first chick of the season. We've watched as three eggs were initially laid, then one disappeared in a major wind storm - and now the first of the remaining two has hatched.

The camera view is somewhat blocked by a new limb on this potentially endangered tree - proving the work that Lafarge undertook to save and protect it has done an admirable job.

The chick can be seen as a grey fuzz-ball in the picture to the left. More pictures are being grabbed by our volunteers and members as the parents continue to keep it and the other egg warm. Shortly they'll start feeding this new addition to the family and we'll get to see it better. Check out the media gallery area where more images will be uploaded as time goes by.

We'll keep you updated on the progress of this chick and the other egg. 

Thanks to all our members (especially gemini and birdofprey) for their quick fingers in grabbing these images.








Hancock Wildlife Foundation - Lafarge Nest - first chick of the 2010 season - fuzz ball hiding behind a leafHancock Wildlife Foundation - we have eyes - and we're hungry! Lafarge eagle nest chick


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