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Comment from David Hancock re Wintering Hummers and Feeders.


Hancock here: Nature's creatures never stop amazing me, be it the rearing of 2 eaglets by our Delta2 Ma who had her leg snapped in half just as the mating season was starting, or the current attached note on Hummingbirds, now advertised winter residents of the Lower Mainland.

Sure we have seen them wintering here sporadically for years but I had not expected to see someone say not to worry about removing their feeders in late summer so we don't interfere with their southern migration. That migration is apparently only for the Rufous Hummingbird and some of the Anna's. The rest of the Anna's are now regular winter residents.

So is this largely a followup to climate change or something else. I suspect the former as far as the big picture is concerned. A few years ago I saw an Anna's choose a night perch over the White Rock cliffs, the minute bird perched on a 3 inch branch directly over a running drainage pipe that constantly oozed "warm water" and warm vapour that kept the little hummer warm through the night. Many observers have also seen how this little bird will select a small microhabitat high in the dormer of a peaked roof where warm air oozes out from the house to give the bird the needed warmth.

I guess my biggest concern is that in spite of many hummers finding food in greenhouses that generally they are dependent upon a constantly provided food supply from human provided feeders. So please keep up the supply, the cleaning of those feeders and arrange some nearby alternative feeder, like you do for your cat or dog, when you go south.


Read "Keep your Feeders Full"  from Wildbirds Unlimited


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