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This first part was written by David's wife, Mary Scott, prior to yesterday:

April 13, 2017  1 – 3 pm


to be with
.. who is dropping out of
the 'wait-to-die' line up.

I will be gone when
David sends you this note.

I could not go through the struggle
of losing more functions.
Right now I cannot read or write
or use the computer.
My co-ordination is shot.
Sleeping is yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.

Thanks for being a friend
and sharing my life.

Love Mary

PS – Aid in dying is legal in Canada since June 2016

The following is from David, also written prior to yesterday:

Hi Friends of Mary Scott:  May Her Spirit Soar Like an Eagle.

I am not sure I can add more but I will attempt to give some additional perspective to those who have not seen Mary lately.

Mary has been suffering from Parkinson's for just over two years.  It is probable that she, with her athletic determination has been fighting to overcome the initial symptoms for many years.  Her incredible devotion to daily tennis and winters of double-black diamond skiing has probably driven many new neurological pathways – for those of you up on neuroplasticity  In any event the love of my life has reached the point where she feels she is about to lose complete control of her destiny.

Mary has been working for months to qualify for Aid in Dying and this has been approved.  She has her kids here now and she set April 13 as the day to die here at home.

It is incredibe how you can have discussions on this Aid in Dying topic for 30 years - and that is about the time both Mary and I have supported the society behind getting this legalized - but then comes the day of decision and so much crying, it is all about tears, wonderful thoughts of the past and more tears.  Mary has had a very fast acting Parkinson's so is nearly totally incapacitated already and as you know having some independence and control is a the heart of 'being Mary'. A key with Aid in Dying is that even on the final day you must be mentally competent and she does not want the alternative.

So that is the circumstance.  I and all her friends honor her decision – so now my tears are about my loss of  the most human and caring and loving person I have ever met – my totally selfish position is one I am having trouble overcoming.  Mary spent a life helping others so it is totally ironic that now in her last moments there is little we can do but show our love and respect.  I have only had the privilege of knowing Mary for 15 years but those have been my best.  Never have I heard Mary say a bad word about another person, point blame or not be there to assist someone with a problem.  On the personal side I never heard her say anything but praise and how fresh and informative was each of my 150 lectures she so tolerantly sat though on bald eagles or conservation issues.

Mary wants April 13 to be a day of celebrating her life, a time of good remembrances and not sadness.  This is personally difficult as I know the vacuum she is going to leave in my life.  Again thanks for your contributions to Mary's life.

Mary often tells people how she met me - the eagle was her spiritual bird and she wanted to hear more about them from the Eagle Man. It was an instant bonding.

Love to all -- and may her Spirit Soar Like a Eagle.

David Hancock

PS - If you think this is appropriate, please pass along to other associates or club members.



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