More on Hornby Viewing - cutting one of the cameras for now

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The saga of the video feed from Hornby Island to the rest of the world continues.

As noted in the previous item we've tried to put a second modem into the Hornby location (thanks Doug Carrick :) but are currently not able to. Telus, the provider of service, has put a hold on new accounts until it can re-do the whold island's network infrastructure.

In the mean time we're going to cut the problem in half by turning off the wide-angle camera for the next while, at least until the eaglets start moving around on the branches (branching).

There will be notices in the discussion forum and we'll post a note on the actual camera page - but nothing will be done until we can coordinate with the WildEarth.TV people - some time in the next day or so.

Turning off one of the cameras should allow the main, close-up camera, to work without any hesitations due to the crowded bandwidth on the local link. There may still be some hesitations due to the fact that the Hornby network infrastructure is stretched - but this should not be all the time as it is now.


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Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, May 11 2009 @ 05:58 PM EDT More on Hornby Viewing - cutting one of the cameras for now

Hi there,


I have been away for a few days and noticed that there is only one eaglet at the Hornby Nest?  Did something happen to the other Eaglet? 


Thank you.  Lucy123

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