Hornby Viewing - and other Video Problems

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I've received a number of comments and complaints about the video coming from the various cameras, notably the Hornby Island close-up with its color bars and interruptions. This should let you know what is being done and why we may not be able to do anything until after nesting season - sorry, but that's the lot of dealing with remote locations and wildlife

JudyB did a wonderful job of describing the spots where problems can (and do) occur for the Hornby feeds (see her post in the discussion forum at http://discuss.hancockwildlifechannel.org/viewtopic.php?p=466365#p466365

read on for the details...

Re: the "flashing and color bars"

In my experience (electronics since the electron was invented or there abouts) ;) this is likely caused by flexing of the cable at a join. The cables were heavily damaged 2 years ago and I know they were spliced to fix them. The original cable was one long piece but it now has at least 2 joins in it - and wind/rain can flex and corode these joins. Hornby gets lots of both.

I'll be talking to Doug Carrick shortly to see if he can get the original cable installer (who also lives on Hornby) to take a look at the cable from the tree to Doug's house and see if the problem is there. If it is then fixing it should be a fairly easy task - if it is up the tree we'll have to put up with it while the eagles are there and fix it on the off season.

Re: the modem and signal from Hornby to the servers in Europe

There is a single modem handling both cameras - it should be able to do this according to the specs - but since we've put the cameras on we've discovered that it doesn't quite sometimes.

Hornby Island is remote - but it is on the internet due to the fact that the British Columbia government mandated that  all schools be connected - and Hornby has a school not far from Doug's place. When this connection was made, Telus, the phone company here that did the work, also put in a DSL Access Module that residents close to the telephone switch location (less than 3.5KM by wire) could also get ADSL.

Telus has recently informed us that they have put a stop to new installs of DSL modem lines on Hornby. They are apparently going to be installing new equipment that will mean everyone on the Island, not just those within the 3.5KM "normal distance limitation" for DSL from the central office (Doug is about 3.4KM)
will be able to get DSL - but in the mean time they are not putting in new lines.

This means we may not be able to get a second modem installed (even though we had two there previously) so we may have to put up with the current setup for the remainder of this year (at least) - although we may have an ace up our sleeves - still too early to tell.

Re: problems with video in general regardless of camera

The world's ISPs are either:
1 - struggling to get their networks up to being able to do streaming video for everyone
2 - trying to keep streaming video from affecting their own video offerings by choking the bandwidth and throwing artificial barriers in the way

Your particular experience with the streams in general is likely local to your ISP - not a product of the way we stream in particular or who we do it with.

If you have problems with viewing the Media Gallery video - can view it in general but the quality is not good for some reason - then the problem is likely at your end as we have more than enough bandwidth and CPU power now with the new machine in place. Note that some of the archived video was poor to start with since the original video captured by whoever captured it may have suffered from the above noted video streaming problems with THEIR ISP. You can't get better than was originally stored.

We're still stressing the technologies  - and the world is still evolving around the use of streaming video on the internet. Things will get better - and have already evolved a long way since our first year. Costs are going down - not as fast as we'd hoped but at least the trend is down.

We're not going away - but we need all the financial help you can give us as we work to bring you some of the finest wildlife viewing in our areas of expertise. We have a number of projects on the books for the coming Fall - watch for announcements


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Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 12 2009 @ 12:58 PM EDT Hornby Viewing - and other Video Problems

I see only ONE eaglet in the Hornby Island nest this morning.  There were TWO hatched.  What happened???

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