Hornby Nest Camera Fogged - Cleaning Service Dispatched (updated again and again)

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Many people have noted that the image from our Hornby Island eagle nest camera is fogged recently.

The problem is that the chick has covered it with a "shot" that should have gone over the side of the nest but hit the camera instead.

UPDATE: The close-up camera has been restored to its former frame rate. A recent rain storm has cleared the view enough that we've relegated the wide-angle to the 1-frame/second role now.

UPDATE: May 26, 2009 - Another "fowl" moment and the camera is now completely blocked. Let's hope the Spring rains come hard for a day or two

One of our intrepid volunteers has suggested a cleaning trip to the nest site but this may have to wait for later in the season when the eagles have left for the salmon rivers, however a picture is worth a thousand words... read on

Proposed camera lens cleaning at Hornby Island Nest site

Thanks to Skipper

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