Hancock Sidney Update 3


(Written 2/15/11 at 8:23 p.m. PST)

Busy day.  Got a very positive response from MOE suggesting our plans to get confirmation of any potential damage to Pa via video was a great approach.  Ian and Harry were today working at getting the feeding site property permissions and food source lined up.

Then calls this morning from Harry that he had reviewed earlier screen shots (I have not yet seen them) that the day before the neck mark appeared he had seen an intruder at the nest that had an off-cam altercation with Pa.  This was heard and then when Pa next appeared he had the neck mark.  This suggests a possible source of the neck mark -- a wound from an altercation.  This lends some credence to my observations.  Namely that I never could see a line around Pa's neck. I earlier suggested that he had possibly hit a branch while 'attacking a tree' to obtain nesting branches.  The neck mark looks to me far more like a skin tear that dries up and curls the skin and feathers, than a fish line constriction.  However, if Pa was losing ground, his health, it does not matter the cause as much as how we could compensate.  If this mark is from a wound, rather than a restricting fish line, it may well heal and the problem is solved.  Maybe this is happening.

Then later in day Anna and others had captured shots of Pa and Ma at the nest and these showed him in top form  -- but with the neck ring evident.  My joy was seeing his behavior as very robust and normal.  Great postings.

Then tonight, while talking with Karen, she read Lynda's comments only posted moments earlier, on watching the pair while Ian videoed them.  Her point was that both birds were vigorous and appeared healthy.  Wonderful -- the pair seen live and on video and looking very strong and capable.

So I take today as very positive. We should quickly proceed with the feeding site as this will give us some control should the need arise.  We were and are some time from deciding to capture Pa -- this would only be permitted should from good videos confirm that his health was in grave danger.  We are some time from that thankfully but will proceed with continued observations by the keen ground crew -- and with great video captures that equally confirm vigorous health.

Thanks again, ground crew, for the positive reports.

David Hancock

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Authored by: HikerBikerGram on Wednesday, February 16 2011 @ 08:13 AM EST Hancock Sidney Update 3

Thank you for these updates, they help us all to stay calm about Pa Sidney's Condition. I'm with you in thanking everyone for their part in observing Pa and making sure he is alright. I will watch for your next update and do what observations I can do online.



HikerBiker Gram
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Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, February 18 2011 @ 12:45 AM EST Hancock Sidney Update 3
I went by the nest site yesterday (Feb 16th, at about 5 pm) and took 2 video clips with my camera, which I uploaded after work today to the forum. Unfortunately I inadvertently uploaded one twice to the 2011 media gallery, and the other longer clip can be found in the 2009 Sidney nesting media gallery archived area. No idea how that happened! As well these clips are not that great and were in need of some editing, but as I do not have any editing programs, they will have to do as is, but viewer beware of how abruptly they end please. And it was quite cool and extremely blustery out and I was without a tripod, so the clips are on the shakey side. Upon checking in with the forum and finding that there was some serious concern for Pa, I headed on over to check on him. His behavior appears normal and head functions indicated he has full range of motion. After 15 minutes of observing him perched in their favorite tree, he flew up and over me and down to the beach, then did a wide circle and ultimately headed down the shoreline in the direction of the Ocean Sciences Centre. If I should happen to see any change in Pa's behavior and routines I will be in touch again with the forum but as of now he really seems to be just his old usual Pa self.
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Authored by: alicew on Friday, February 18 2011 @ 11:23 AM EST Age of Ma and Pa Sidney
I don't know if this is the correct site to ask this question. Yesterday ellie and ian visited the farmer who stated that the eagles have nested on the epicure property since at least 1990 and they often perch on his nearby farm property. My question is does he mean this ma and pa sidney and if so ma and pa sideney must be over 20 ys. old. Not 13-15 as I have heard.
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Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, February 24 2011 @ 08:02 PM EST Hancock Sidney Update 3
Best wishes to your foundation; I`m following your eagles since 2 years now; what a nice surprise to see the snow on the nest yesterday. It could be interesting to know about the weather, how much degrees C* or F* it is near by the nest and how more about the wind speed around. Could you think such thing could be possible?
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