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First, thanks again for all the support for the Donald/Flyer effort.  I guess it is OK to take some of the credit but the effort was really by our regular workers and particularly spurred on by a bunch of new volunteer helpers -- many of these company efforts were detailed earlier.  The 'OK to accept the thanks' is OK because it would surely have been exclusively my fault if it had not worked out well.  Such is life.  So thanks all who helped.  There was another group who also needs thanking -- all of you who helped by sending in a donation.  The day to day costs of keeping us on the air/wire is considerable.  Thanks indeed.  You will have received a thank you note as well. 

Another interesting twist.  A few of you kindly send in a monthly donation as though we are one of your regular entertainment subscriptions -- so wonderful.  How marvelous if 1000 of you sent in a $10 monthly credit card deduction.....this is a segway into part two.....

Special Fundraising Request:  New high definition cams are needed at all sites.

Perhaps Russ and Ellen spoiled us this year with the high resolution images at the White Rock nest -- they are so absolutely incredible to view.  But this has set a new standard.  Of course we knew this would happen.  The TV news channel always wanted us to provide higher resolution images.  Most of the world -- and it is a big and growing segment of the world -- demands HD.  The images are so much better BUT the costs to us are considerably increased.  What's new!

For those not yet (I am one of you who has been trying to ignore this!!!) recognizing this fact, the general challenges are three-fold.  First, the cost of the HD cams themselves is considerably higher.  Second, the cost of preparing the cabling, electrical power needs and the outbound bandwidth needs are considerably more demanding and expensive.  And in spite of data storage costs going down, each cam demands about 2 terabites a month to archive.  That amounts to another $300 per month to store the data.  And finally, even our bandwidth costs are considerably higher.  But the images are so superb! 

Another example of demands at our end:  The TV news people who so effectively tell the world of our projects really ONLY want quality high resolution image to display in any story.  And of course the more easily we get them to "news broadcast" our stories, the more exposure we get for our birds.  To jump into a news story when we can only deliver them low resolution backup visuals is 9 points against us.  So we must go HD in the future.

Here is an example of the differences.  The existing Sidney fixed focus cam is low res and only worth $200 + $500 for the all weather housing.  The image is exciting but so low in resolution.  Of course running the power and signals 1200 ft. is not without costs.

The HD fixed focus cams at White Rock run just over $2000 each and need another $1000 worth a wiring, another $3000 worth of computers and storage and probably an annual supervision of another $2000.

Had we installed, as we hope to do, an additional HD PTZ cam in White Rock, that would enable the keeners to zoom in on detailed behaviors etc.  That cam alone runs $5000 plus the other elements.  The above has nothing to do with hiring cranes, if they are not donated!

So the bottom line is that two HD cams, a fixed focus wide angle cam and a PTZ combined, makes the installation costs about $20,000 per site.  This gets expensive but the quality matches the excitement of the viewing.

My point of this discussion is to allow you to understand the economics.  And as most of you know I personally take nothing for my time or effort --- it is my giving back for the 60 years I have enjoyed viewing and studying eagles and wildlife.  However, we do have to hire specialists, from the tree climbers to occasionally lift cranes when they are not donated, and we hire the computer specialists and, as stated above, purchase the cams, wiring and transmitter etc.  Thank goodness you web site admins, forum assistants and project coordinators are all volunteers.

So here is the challenge for the fall 2011 cleaning and re-installations for broadcasting in HD the 2012 breeding season.

We want to deliver to homes, and particularly schools, the HD images of everything where possible.  For eagles this means that we need to redo:  

        a)      Sidney:   two cams:                     Cost:  $20,000

        b)      White Rock:     Replace 1 fixed can with HD PTZ"
                        Cam, lift and re-wiring:        Cost: $8000
                - we are hopeful to talk the existing sponsors into this!

        c)      Lafarge:    Rewire the cams & clean:    Cost:  $3000
                - again we hope the existing sponsor will carry this.
        d)      Delta OWL:      Until we see a successful nesting I am prepared
                        to only clean and double check these cams:  Cost:  $2500

        e)      Delta 2:   Re set in two HD cams:       Cost:   $20,000
        (this would apply to including a substitute or additional site)

        f)      New:   two Florida or Louisiana Bald Eagle Nests:       $40,000
- Here we need to install complete systems of two cams at two sites.
                - The basic costs are about equal to that in BC.
                - Here we really need a site sponsor. We already have a
                        number of  nest sites offered that would fit our needs. 

NOTE:   One of the reasons for the southern sites is so we can show the eagles nesting season, from nest building,  through incubation to fledging, to a total North American wide audience -- during the school year.  This is needed to enable teachers to cover the whole breeding season during the period the kids are in school.  This then will make the eagle annual cycle equally available to all US and Canadian teachers -- from Florida to California and Nova Scotia to Alaska & BC -- as well as the public.

        g)      Chehalis - Harrison Flats:   HD PTZ Cams & Underwater cam:
- The 2 two cams will go on the tower we erected in 2009 but unfortunately, due to lack of funds,  did not operate during the 2010 fall when we had 7300 eagles in that small area.  This year we want to be ready with HD cams.                        Cost:  $17,000
- Clean old and install a new underwater cam on Chehalis viewing salmon:                                                                Cost:   $ 3,000
So  - the immediate financial needs for the Foundation to complete the fall clean up of bald eagle nests and install new HD  cams is:

        a)      In BC:                  $40,000
        b)      In US:                  $40,000         

        c)      Chehalis project:       $20,000 Total:      $100,000

Do some of you know keen sponsors?  This is the perfect time as we could also now prepare them a print run of the 2012 Eagle Calendar with their name on them as a starting point for their sponsorship recognition.

Of course buying in to our print run of calendars is one good way individuals or companies can assist and get some additional benefit.  Could you buy 10 or 1000 calendars -- the latter with your company name on them?

Calendar sales go to:   "HWF - 2012 Calendar" <sales@hancockwildlife.org>  and

Sponsorship enquiries go to:    karen@hancockwildlife.org  or  604-761-1025  David Hancock

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