HWF Report on Volunteers

HWF  Report on Volunteers by Judy Barrows.                               For period July 1, 2011 thru June 30, 2012

a)      Report on Volunteers associated with the web:

We have 66 active volunteers, not including Karen Bills and David, and our best estimate is that they put in about 22,880 hours during the year in question.  That does not include time spent with a cam streaming in the corner of one's monitor while doing something non-HWF-related and also does not include the time put in by active forum members who are not official volunteers, many of whom are online for hours at a time, posting observations and screenshots, recording videos, and otherwise contributing to making the HWF forum such a great resource.

 (Judy Barrows is our Forum and Web coordinator – in charge of volunteer moderators, designers etc.)

b)      Report of Key volunteers associated with HWF management by David Hancock:

Karen Bills, HWF Project Coordinator, spends a minimum of 8 hours a day monitoring, posting and informing me of various issues, and this does not include some 30 days where she is accompanying me on full days in the field cam installations, public talks, school visits, meetings, festivals, etc.   This amounts to another 2400 volunteer hours.

Several individuals have repeatedly volunteered to assist me in the installation of web cams. There were at least 22 day attempts to install cams and or undertake repairs and these days ran between 6 hours and 12 hours each.  Or 8 hr average x  3 volunteers = 528 hours.

Mary Scott, HWF secretary and chief cook and social convenor, spends at least 8 hours a week organizing and catering to HWF visitors at our headquarters.   Total volunteer time, not including the HWF correspondence:   8 x 52 =  416 hours.

David Hancock works at least 8 hours per day on HWF business or associated cams or studies or presentations.  This totals another 2400 volunteer hours.

Total volunteer hours of the HWF volunteers:     28,624 hours.

David Hancock, President of HWF

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