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HWF CAMS Running:   Of course the other big issue has been getting all the cams up and running -- and Ken has steadily been progressing.  We are a bit behind but it was marvelous to see all the Harrison Mills live cams up and running:  the Chehalis Underwater cam, the two Tower PTZ cams and the two PTZ Harrison Mills nest cams.  I think BC is a bit like NY and NJ -- a bit behind in our stinging of telephone and electric lines so we have had to suffer some power outages.

NOTE:   We will shortly have PTZ cams at all above-water sites and we hope many of you get sufficiently involved that you can devote some time to managing the pan-tilt-zoom functions of the various cams.  This is really quite exciting.  It can also be quite revealing.  During the first couple of days of the Tower cams I really realized how much disturbance kayakers, jet boats and skis could cause the feeding and resting eagles.  We are going to initiate some kind of awareness of not disturbing the flats.  We do not see boating or fishing or hiking activities along the Harrison River or even along the western shoreline as a meaningful disturbance.  The only problem is letting the eagles sit and feed and loaf on the open flats -- where they are easily disturbed.

Thank you all for so much dedicated work and I hope this fall's wintering eagles keep you excited until the upcoming breeding season gets fully underway.


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