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The Hancock Wildlife Foundation has again produced a beautiful calendar for 2015  -- Bald Eagles & Salmon from Harrison Mills to the Salish Sea.  As usual we are featuring the Harrison Salmon Stronghold and the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, the two organizations with which the HWF works most closely.


In addition to the FVBEF Photo Contest winner Danny Chan's winning entry, Danny brought to our HWF FledgeFest 2014 a copy of another even more unique image - a gull attacking a bald eagle. This was followed up by the series of images of the gull's approach, the head feathers grab and safe departure.  This incredible sequence is displayed in the "daily windows" with January getting the full approach shot -- so spectacular. 

My old bald eagle nest #169 in Delta was revived the past couple of years and has attracted many photographers. Eric Rossicci has captured many incredible images of this very tame pair.  It was one of their fledglings that got run over by a passing coaltTrain on its second day after fledging.

The Lafarge eagle pair, which lost their nest this fall have now decided to return to their old nest 1/2 mile inland, rather than use our artificial nest pole.  They are wonderfully portrayed in their youthful vigor by Martin Passchier. 

Christian Sasse has again done wonders with his attention to details on the White Rock eagle pair. We get to see an intimate view of Indy and Jules branching and in July he caught Pa bringing a flounder to Indy on the nearby beach.

I have spent so much time and effort working to keep the Harrison-Chehalis River system as pristine as possible since "no good water equals no fish and no eagles".  September shows the Sts'ailes Fisheries crew tagging and releasing salmon so we better understand their movements.  That big chum salmon looking into your face was trying to out-stare Christian and me in October along Weaver Creek -- a prime Harrison tributary!

October shows our Chehalis Tower with the Cams, that are a bit late in going active.  We hope to get them installed by Nov. 8 and then online as soon as that can be arranged.

As usual the daily shots fill in the biological details.  They are a collection of great screen shots captured by our viewers as well as more separate images submitted.

As you all know Ma Delta2 is back but still limping and the Harrison Mills banded female is also fully in attendance.  White Rock again seems to compete with HM for the number of eagles passing and investigating the nest site.  This season our we will have 2 new PTZ cams at our new "Delta 3" site.  The Cable connection was scheduled to go into place today.  So hopefully it will be online soon. This is another incredibly active and successful eagle pair that I have been tracking all this Century!!!  They were/are the pair associated with the Great Blue Heronry just 100m to the north on the causeway out to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal.

I thank you all for your contributions and dedication to this annual  fundraiser project.  It is even more importantly a PR item for distribution to people starting into eagles or on the edge of doing so!!!



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