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Hancock Wildlife Foundation's Channel web site (the one you're reading this article on) has grown to the point where its initial simplistic design no longer allows or encourages our readers to visit the vast depths of information on it. This past weekend we installed a new version of the underlying software (GLfusion - formerly Geeklog) that has some new and exciting features that will allow us to highlight our site to you, our viewers.

In addition to the camera pages - which will also be undergoing changes over the next while, we have an incredible depth of news stories and media gallery items contributed by our members. The items cover all manner of wildlife, not just our own cameras and subjects.

Our new menu bar at the top now features direct links to our most popular areas as well as some new items - like the Article Topics button that shows the various topics that articles may be contributed to (and you can request we add more if you find you have news in another relevant area)

There are some features of this new system that are not yet turned on - watch for them. They'll include some interesting news feeds from both this site and others as well as some active components that will liven up your viewing.

We'll be extending this new look and feature set to our Foundation portion of the web site (www.hancockwildlife.org) and doing some spring cleaning on the discussion forum too.

IE6 error message with new glfusion software installOne thing to note with the new software - if you try to use an old browser such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 6, it will complain. This is due to two very different things: 1 - the page layout for this site uses some of the more recent advancements in page-layout technologies and may not look right with a really old browser such as IE6 - and 2 - IE6 is no longer supported properly and is full of security holes, so you should not be using it in any case. Please look hard at using a more recent browser such as IE8 or Firefox, etc.




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