HWF Has Fish identification person now on board! - Thanks Dave Moore

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The screen shots (and videos) taken from the Harrison Mills cams revealed a number of fine fresh fish carcasses being brought in to feed the young.  I wondered what species they were.  Now we have a person (who is incredibly busy with pulling together our Salmon Stronghold Project) but he will attempt to find time or someone else who will identify the fish species arriving at the nest. This is a great offer. 
Harrison Mills Nest

Photo by HWF Member "Mia"

Dave Moore has attached some thoughts on the first video I sent him. (see photo captured from video below)  What also comes out of his comments is the need of us to get good closeups of the head, adipose fins, vent region etc. to help pin down the species.  Here are DaveM's comments;
"Thanks DavidH,
That particular specimen looks like a northern pike-minnow a very silvery one I might add. But, not a salmonid. No adipose fin. Long rectangular anal fin. Hard to see the shape of head clearly, but the appearance of a smaller mouth suggests it might be a larger specimen of a peamouth chub. Both are indigenous to the Harrison and members of the cyprinidae family (minnows), and very successful predators of salmon fry. Both frequent sloughs and wetland margins,"
Photo captured from video

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