First hatch!

I'm an email hound. I have been for many years now, due to a previous long term stint at an email company. One of the things I adore about my ever-present iphone is my ever-present email. You can never accuse me of being out of touch through a large variety of methods. So, Richard Pitt and I were out having a bite to eat, and as I tend to do, I checked my email. And, within there, I saw 10 new site registrations in a very short period of time in my inbox. "Hrm, something is decidely up" and given Delta2 is now a couple of days late with it's first hatching, my money said that was the likely area of activity. And sure enough, that's exactly what had happened, the first eaglet had been hatched at the Delta2 nest. Judging by forum traffic, I'd say the closest guess to the actual hatching is roughly 2PM PDT, April 11th. Little Kopit from the forum posted a picture just after this and there's already video up on Youtube that would seem to confirm definite movement in the nest bowl.


Next up? Likely Ma and Pa Sidney, quite possibly tomorrow at some point. Keep your eyes on the cam...  

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