2016 Nest Cam Alterations


From David Hancock -

HWF 2016 SUMMARY of Bald Eagle NEST-CAM Alterations to be made
(if there's money available)

The following repairs, cleanings and updates are projected for the WEB CAMS during the end of August or 1st week of September 2016 – funding permitted. If there are items I missed please tell me – immediately.

1. White Rock:
Four Trees in area need attention as follows:

  • A. Old Nest Tree: (from which nest fell)
  • WORK: by climber up tree.
    • i. Climber to remove existing PTZ CAM & then: ((see below – NEW Nest))
    • ii. Climber to see if existing fixed CAM in this old nest tree can point and give meaningful image of new nest. If not pull Fixed CAM and also bring down wiring.


  • B. Re NEW NEST: ((in tree from which the new 2016 nest fell))
  • WORK: Hancock in Bucket Lift in next door driveway -- and/or (hopefully with!) with climber to work other side of tree. We need a 125 foot man-lift for this site.
    • i. Construct new frame for new nest approximately in site from which 2016 nest fell. (We need to confirm that pair has not started new nest elsewhere first!)
    • ii. Place PTZ CAM (from old nest tree) above new nest to be constructed.
    • iii. If there is additional site for another CAM place either a FIXED or PTZ!


  • C. Secondary Nest at SW corner of property + Adjacent Tree with CAM: (when nest was re-built last year the climber unfortunately re-dressed / placed the provided sticks in an unusual parallel pattern.
    • i. Have climber place new sticks in “round pattern” on existing platform.
    • ii. This nest has a nearby overlooking CAM (in adjacent tree) that will be cleaned (remove spider web etc. and remove some branches that block CAM view of proposed Nest – see photo.


  • NOTE 1: The tree immediately south of old nest has two cams in tree. (i) The PTZ that is functional can be left as is. This of course looked into the old nest that is gone. Everybody loves the views offered by this PTZ as it overlooks several favorite adult perches. (ii) The other is a fixed cam that is not broadcasting and if climber went up this tree this Fixed Cam should be removed.
  • NOTE 2: This new White Rock tree (used & fledged 2 young in 2016) appears to have not just natural foundational branches we could use but the nest site has wonderful access to “flying in and out” by the eagles. The clear passage across the lawns and out over the cliff is the best ‘runway’ you -- or the eagles -- could hope for. This also enables us to place additional sticks and lichen on lawn for easy pick-up. Russ, Christian and I have spent a lot of time watching the comings and goings of both the adults and fledglings from this site and believe this is the best site for the eagles continued nest occupation -- unless they choose the lower nest in SW corner of the property in the next week -- the nest we built earlier but it is lower down the cliff and less desirable. The challenge here is that the adults might choose a new nest site that we now presently do not know of before they depart on migration.

2. Delta 2: WORK for Aug-Sept -- 2016
This is the existing nest that we placed foundational materials in tree in 2015 and the pair moved in after their nearby tree blew down in storm:

  • Work: we need to bring in 80 ft. man-lift for David Hancock & Larry Dorosh to use to do repair and cleanup.
    • i. Add large new sticks to our edge + some smaller sticks inside.
    • ii. Clean and check cams.

3. Harrison Mills: WORK for Aug-Sept -- 2016
Work: Existing nest CAMS need work done by “Eco-climber”
We need to get financial support from Pretty Estates for HWF to continue to support this site. We still have not had the payment of the Support Fee for the 2015-2016 season. If financial support comes, and this is over and above the support supplied by our Nest Cam Supporters, (these NEST support donations are what supports the Servers and HWF general efforts etc.) we need to:

  • i. Have climber clear both lens – very dirty and spider covered!
  • ii. See attached copy of CAM screen capture of nest to discuss with Climber
  • iii. add/repair/replace the mic for the South cam

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